Recording rights

Custom Course

Working in the music sector means not only studying an instrument but having a clear understanding of professional relationships, your rights and how to defend them.

A craftsman needs an accountant, just as a musician must have a record company or know the main ways to move in this area, especially in a historical period where a musician can build his own repertoire with a computer inside his room.

Course program

1. Introduction to the new discography.
2. The protagonists of the recording world and the new role of the Producer
3. Siae and/or Soundreef what they are and how to defend your copyright
4. The author, the composer and the publisher and how the Siae points are divided
5. The right to the Master turns on when you record in your home studio
6. The Right to Performance for Artists, Performers and Musician Performers
7. First approach to Artist contracts
8. How to manage a soundtrack or sync contract
9. The role of the Manager at the beginning of an artist’s career
10. Relationships with the Label and how to build your own!


Giampaolo Rosselli boasts decades of experience in the musical field. Within the artistic office of BMG he works with many great artists such as Lucio Dalla, Antonello Venditti, Giorgia, Luca Carboni, Gigi D’ Alessio and emerging artists. Following the merger with Sony, he continued his work as a talent scout and consultant for the Sony BMG artistic office until 2009. He is currently the General Director of YPK Entertainment, a company that manages catalogs for TV and cinema soundtracks.


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