Entertainment legislation

Custom Course

The world of entertainment has its rules, its laws and its customs. In particular, this course aims to clarify certain theoretical-practical aspects that involve the daily life of those involved in entertainment, with particular attention to the profession of musician. With a careful eye towards the innovations that are constantly being introduced into the musician’s world.

Course program

The program is divided into two parts: the first concerns the legislative apparatus that regulates the entertainment sector with all contractual obligations and aspects, including aspects not always considered: how to open a record company; how to start a live music business, the contracts of the sector: from management to impresario, for example.

The second part, however, focuses on a fundamental topic for those who work in entertainment and, in particular, for musicians: the copyright of musical works. From the publishing contract to the one with the record company; the protection of the musical group; the protection of intellectual property; the differences between copyright and copyright; musical plagiarism; copyright collecting societies; the related rights, as well as the relevant contracts.


Alceste Ayroldi he is a senior lecturer at the Ministry of Education, University and Research, essayist, music critic, musicologist, veejay. He has been dealing with music professionally since 1982. He is a producer, artistic consultant and communication consultant for numerous cultural realities in Italy.


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