Singing in choir is a great way to improve one’s listening skills and perception of harmony and rhythm. It is also a tremendous stimulus for those who want to gain more control of vocal technique. One’s voice must shape, mold and be enriched with harmonics in order to blend in and surrender to the magic of choral sound, the excitement of melodic and rhythmic interlacing.

The Saint Louis Choirs are open to everyone, to those who are already students and are attending a pre-academic, academic or personalized course in any Saint Louis Department, and to those who are external and want to try the experience of being part of a choral formation.

Saint Louis Music Center

Afro-cuban Singing and Choir with Giovanni Imparato

Dedicated to all musicians, singers, dancers. Methodological application of the sung musical literature of the panorama of the Son, Guaracha, Salsa (popular matrix), genres of the Rumba, namely guaguancó, yambù, columbia, appearance and Cuban carnival Conga (folkloric matrix) and above all of the cult songs, true humus of Afrocubanìa: Yoruba, Congo/Bantù, Ararà, Abakwá (liturgical matrix). We will deliberately try not to use pre-established concepts that could condition the excessive pigeonholing of melodic, harmonic or rhythmic lines.

Gospel Choir with Claudia Marss

Study of the gospel repertoire, from traditional to Contemporary/Urban Gospel. Interpretation, understanding, expression of the gospel through the body and the voice. Original arrangements by teacher Claudia Marss.

Meetings – From Friday 3 November, every Friday from 4pm to 6pm – location in via Cimarra, 19/b

Saint Louis Music Center
Saint Louis Music Center

Pop Choir with Margherita Fiore

Margherita Flore’s Pop Choir Laboratory is based on the entirely vocal reworking of songs taken from the international, modern and contemporary Pop scene. The writing of the arrangements focuses on the search for vocal versatility in reproducing elements of the rhythm section strictly a cappella, alternating percussive skills with layered melodic lines. By studying the repertoire we will proceed to identify some imitative timbres of the instruments, to be achieved through scores and audio samples recorded for each section. Good reading required.

Meetings – From Monday 6 November, every Monday from 7.00pm to 9.00pm – headquarters in via baccina, 4

Brazilian Choir with Claudia Marss

Brazilian repertoire. Continuous training of the group is foreseen with the study of the various styles, of the polyrhythm that distinguishes them, of the pronunciation with the typical Brazilian vocality, to learn to sing like real Brazilians. Polyphonic and polyrhythmic choir, whose voices are used both for harmonic/melodic and rhythmic accompaniment, or rather polyrhythmic.

Meetings – From Wednesday 8 November, every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm – location in via Cimarra, 19/b

Saint Louis Music Center
Saint Louis Music Center

Fantasy Voices with Milena Nigro

Multi-stylistic choir in which we work starting from a cappella pieces, to develop rhythmic ability and intonation, the quality of vocal emission and the profound perception of harmony, and then move on to the repertoire with rhythm section or orchestral formations. The repertoire ranges from the masterpieces of Disney soundtracks to the great classics of popular music, jazz and Brazilian music, with all original arrangements, created for the staff available.

Part of the work will be dedicated to the study of the form of the proposed arrangements, enabling the choristers to easily follow even a complex score.

Meetings – From Thursday 9 November, every Thursday from 7.00pm to 9.00pm – headquarters in via baccina, 47

Sgt.Pepper’s Saint louis Guys Choir with Cristina D’Arcangelo

Choral ensemble that re-proposes the best known Beatles pieces, arranged and adapted to be performed a cappella.

Meetings – From Tuesday 21 November, every Tuesday from 4.50pm to 6.20pm – location in Via Urbana 49/a

Saint Louis Music Center
Saint Louis Music Center

Singer-songwriter choir with Maria Grazia Fontana

Vocal ensemble whose repertoire is dedicated to classic pieces of Italian songwriting, interpreted in an original, fresh and captivating guise, thanks to the arrangements curated by Maria Grazia Fontana, director of the choir.

Meetings – From Tuesday 20 February, every Tuesday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm – headquarters in via baccina, 47

Matteo Balani

Elio Rivagli

Roberta Montanari

Michele Braga



Free to attend, included in registration for personalized courses

  • Two-year course in Theory and Solfeggio This course covers all the topics corresponding to the annual Harmony 1 and Ear Training 1 courses in two years. At the end of the two years, therefore, it is possible to take the entrance exam for the pre-academic Jazz or Pop course. The course is structured in 2-hour lessons every fortnight, from January to June.
  • LabXChange. Ensemble music workshops reserved for students who attend personalized courses, directed by students of the three-year academic year and traditional diploma with periodic supervision by the Management or a teacher. Students of personalized courses can participate for free. Access to the laboratories is subject to the hearing and verification of available places.
  • Choir. Saint Louis offers students of personalized courses the opportunity to participate free of charge in one or more choirs: Gospel Choir, Jazz Choir, Pop Choir and other choral groups of various styles. It can only be accessed by audition.
  • Orchestras and Ensemble. Those enrolled in the most talented personalized courses will be able to actively participate in the Saint Louis orchestras. It is accessed by audition.
  • Concerts and rehearsal room. Subscribers to personalized courses can participate and perform in mid-year and end-of-year concerts to be agreed with their teacher and with the didactic secretariat. Free rehearsal room / study room – max 2 hours per day for a maximum of 6 hours per week.


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