Alberto Zecchinelli began his musical career in 1997 as a guitarist by taking courses in electric guitar that gave him an introduction to the world of music. From 1998 to the present he has been a member of several musical formations; in 2001 he founded “Side A,” a rock band with which he released two records containing unreleased songs written and arranged entirely by him: “E 732” in 2009 and “Green Field” in 2011.

Thanks to his passion for computer science and electronic instruments, over the years he has been getting closer and closer to the world of studio and live Phonics and since 2007 he has been working as a room sound engineer with the audio and lighting service “On the air” in Ardea, with which he has the opportunity to work with artists such as Paola Turci, Antonio Giuliani, Pablo & Pedro, Andrea Perrone, Alessandro di Carlo, Lillo & Greg, Tony Malco, Jimmy Fontana, Tree Gees and others.

In 2011, he obtained a degree in “Phonics & Music Technology” from Saint Louis Music College in Rome where he learned professional recording and mixing techniques, study of audio software such as ProTools HD and Cubase, knowledge of microphones, electronic equipment, analog synthesizers, digital interfaces and acoustic design criteria.

Alberto Zecchinelli in October 2009 became President of the Cultural Association “Officine Sonore” which deals with record production and organization of cultural events, music competitions aimed at the development of emerging artists and where he founded a recording studio with rehearsal rooms where he works as a sound engineer, composer, arranger and music producer. Since 2014, he has been a professor of Phonics at the “Saint Louis College of Music” in Rome.


Alberto Zecchinelli

Alberto Zecchinelli
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