Alessandro Cusatelli is the author of four concerts for solo instrument and orchestra

  • Concerto for violin, 1986;
  • Concerto for violin, 1990;
  • Concert for oboe and orchestra, 2007;
  • Sonata for clarinet and small orchestra, 2013

Numerous other symphonic compositions, a musical drama in one act (Mary Allen, 1995), various symphony-vocal works (Libera me, 1997; Ave verum, 1998; two Lieder cycles for soprano and orchestra); It has also devoted itself to a wide range of chamber production, mainly for arc formations.

His works were represented at

  • The Symphony Orchestra of the RAI of Turin
  • The Orchestra of the RAI of Milan
  • The Theatre of the Opera of Rome
  • The Arena Foundation of Verona
  • The RAI Room Season in Rome.

The Arena Foundation of Verona performed the symphonic drama Mayerling in the first place in the 1999/2000 season of the Philharmonic Theatre.

The Theatre of the Opera of Rome commissioned for the 2000 / 2001 season the melodologist Udii the voice, I heard the cry, from the Medea of Euripide.

On a UNESCO commission, he participated in the bicentenary of the birth of A. Puskin with the composition of the cantata Besy (“Diavoli”) for solo, choir, two piano and percussion.

From 1996 to 2001 he was a member of the Technical Commission of the SIAE Lyrical Session.

He has been teaching for thirty-six years as a holder of the class of Composition.

He is the author of an instrumentation treaty, published by Carisch in September 2007, and an orchestral treaty (February 2010) published by the same publishing house.


Collaborations and events

Techniques of arc instruments

Alessandro Cusatelli

Alessandro Cusatelli
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