Luca Pasqua Guitarist-Composer-Arranger-Didactor
In more than 30 years of his career, Luca has collaborated with many Italian and International musicians:

Antonio Farao’, Fabrizio Bosso, Mike Clark, Elliot Murphy, Ivan Bodley, Linley Marthe, Walter Calloni, Riccardo Fioravanti, Robert Bonisolo, Ruth Gerson, Massimo Colombo , Attilio Zanchi, Cico Cicognani, Reggie Washington, Luigi Di Nunzio, Sergio Pescara, Gigi Cifarelli, etc.

Active since the 1990s’ as a session man, he has participated in about 100 recordings.

Parallel to contract projects Luca has always worked on his own projects , often as a leader.

This led him to record many CDs under his own name. Luca’s most recent projects include the group Pop-Fusion (Pop)sibilities , a quartet with Federico Paulovich, William Nicastro and Erica De Lazzari, whose new Cd is soon to be released.


PDF trio with Lorenzo Feliciati and Giorgio Di Tullio, all based on original compositions . The duo with saxophonist Mimmo Valente, whose first recording work is forthcoming.


Luca also participates in the Banda Sonora project.

This project , active since 2018 , is dedicated to Italian genre cinema (Spaghetti Western, Thriller and Poliziottesco) and sees “ours “in the role of guitarist, arranger and film critic.

Other recent projects include singer Fabienne Palasciano’s Band which is developing between Switzerland, France and Italy, The Wild Party theater project and a CD all about Rock & Roll with bassist Roby Ferrante.

Luca Pasqua also often works as a duo , accompanying several singers, in particular he has been carrying on the Two Souls project for ten years.

On the teaching side, Luke has written three methods: Americana, Evolution, and Rule Thumb. The first two were published by Hal Leonard.

For about a year Luca has also been curator and creator of the YouTube channel and Social Making Music.

This channel is dedicated to those who want to get serious about making music and includes interviews with colleagues such as Luca Colombo and instructional videos dedicated to guitarists and playing with a Band.

Luca Pasqua

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