Luca Proietti musician, composer, sound designer and teacher of computer music, has been professionally active since 1985.
In his 30 years of experience as a music informatics teacher, he works both within private facilities and in courses funded by the Lazio region and the European Union. Saint Louis and DAF new dance and music tracks.
He is currently coordinator of the academic course in Sound Technician, at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

As a composer and musician, he loves the meeting of different cultures and traditions, often contaminated with electronic sounds, characteristics that emerge in much of his own compositions, many of which were made as commentary music for radio and television broadcasts for major publishers and networks (Rai Trade, RTI-Mediaset, Flippermusic, GDM Music).

His love for “World Music” led him to collaborate with the likes of Natacha Atlas and Gabin DabirĂ© and to join the “Italia Migrante” lineup as a guitarist and arranger.
Together with DJ Crise Nero, he created the project “Paraphonic,” a duo based on improvisation and dialogue between DJ and musician, in which he plays synthesizers.

Luca Proietti also directs the “Synth Louis Ensemble,” a lineup of Saint Louis students in which, along with vocals, the only instruments used are synthesizers played live.


Collaborations and events

Luca Proietti creative lab
Synth Louis Live

Luca Proietti

Luca Proietti
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