Luigi Onori is a multifaceted music critic, essayist, historian and lecturer.

He has been involved in wide-ranging jazz – from teaching to radio – since 1981, when he began an uninterrupted collaboration with the newspaper “Il Manifesto.”

He has written for “Musica Jazz” magazine on Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Abdullah Ibrahim, Randy Weston, Geri Allen, Steve Coleman, Bruno Tommaso, jazz in the USSR and South Africa.

He has been a contributor to numerous other publications including “Il Giornale della Musica” (2008-2013); since 2011 he has been writing continuously on the website “A proposito di jazz,” edited by Gerlando Gatto.

After various experiences, he was given the teaching position for “History of jazz, improvised and audio-tactile music” at the State Conservatory “Licinio Refice” in Frosinone.

  • Since 2015, he has been teaching permanently at Saint Louis Music College in Rome (“History and Aesthetics of Jazz,” “History of Italian Jazz,” “History of Jazz”).
  • Actively collaborates with the Casa del Jazz (Fondazione Musica per Roma) in conducting seminars, presentations and cycles of meetings with authors and musicians.

Experience in periodical and radio editing, with Radio3; in the 1990s he was a founding member of the Italian Society for the Study of Afro-American Music.

He published several volumes of studies:

  • “Jazz and Africa. Griots, musicians and fabulators” (De Rubeis, 1996);
  • “Jazz in the African American Tradition” (with Antonio Apuzzo; BAICR, 1998);
  • “Note di frontiera: Jazz in Friuli-Venezia Giulia” (con Flavio Massarutto; Colonos, 2001);
  • “Come un racconto chiamato jazz. Fotografie di Pino Ninfa, testi di Luigi Onori” (Porsche, 2002);
  • “Il jazz e l’Africa. Radici, miti, suoni” (Stampa Alternativa, 2004);
  • “Paolo Fresu Talkabout. Biografia a due voci” (Stampa Alternativa, 2006);
  • “1917-1990: per una storia del jazz in Unione Sovietica” (pubblicato dal quadrimestrale “Musica/Realtà nel 2018);
  • “Perigeo. Una storia. Tra innovazione e sperimentazione” (Stampa Alternativa, 2019).

In 2019 he was awarded the Iseo Prize “for the valuable critical and editorial activity of the most projected jazz music and the Italian jazz scene.”

In October 2020 came out, “The History of Jazz,” a popular work of about 600 pages-along with Riccardo Brazzale and Maurizio Franco.


Luigi Onori

Luigi Onori
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