Marco Sfogli considered one of the most influential and followed guitarists in progressive and rock music in recent years, embarked on his musical journey from an early age by performing with his parents, both musicians and members of the Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare.

Nowadays, he has worked with numerous musicians in the international arena: notable in 2005 is the recording of guitar tracks for James LaBrie’s solo album (titled Elements of Persuasion), as well as on the same artist’s follow-up albums “Static Impulse,” “Impermanent Resonance,” and “A Beautiful Shade of Grey.”

He has also recorded for Jordan Rudess, Virgil Donati, Aaron Marshall, Randy Coven, Alex Argento, Adam Nitti, Ray Riendeau, and many others. He currently plays with the “James LaBrie band” with whom he has a world tour to his credit, with the “Premiata Forneria Marconi” since 2015, with the band “Icefish” in the company of Virgil Donati on drums, Alex Argento on keyboards and Andrea Casali on bass and vocals, and with “Neon Karma” consisting of Roberto Gualdi on drums, Lorenzo Feliciati on bass and Guido Block on vocals. As a solo artist he has recorded three albums, “There╩╝s Hope” in 2008, “reMarcoble” in 2012, and “Homeland” in 2019.

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Marco Sfogli

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