Margherita Flore earned her Piano Diploma in 2011 at the A.Vivaldi Conservatory in Alessandria, Italy, after private studies with M° Cinzia Bartoli.

In previous years he won numerous instrumental competitions including the ANEMOS Vocal and Instrumental Competition in Rome, always coming in among the top places.

He attended the Arts Academy where he studied harmony with M°Claudio Perugini and attended Roberto Cappella’s annual masterclass in piano.

He participates in numerous piano festivals, playing both as a soloist and in chamber ensembles.

Collaborated with double bassist Paolo Benelli in the production of an album containing Dragonetti’s Soli for piano and double bass, broadcast on Vatican Radio and Radio 3.

Margherita Flore during the same period collaborated with internationally renowned contractenor Flavio Olivier as an accompanist pianist.

He holds the chair of “Applied Music Laboratory” as part of the school-to-work alternation at Liceo Statale Alessandro Manzoni in Latina.

In 2017, he received a degree in Film Music Composition from Saint Louis College of Music, participated as a keyboardist in the Mediaset program “Bring the Noise” with Kutso.


Collaborations and events

Nessun Parli…: music and art beyond words
Saint Louis al Glomus Camp 2022
Sacchini live

Margherita Flore

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