Matteo Balani, born in Milan in 1974, is a bassist and music teacher of exceptional talent. His career, beginning after graduating from the Conservatorio “Giuseppe Verdi” in Milan and further enriched by specialisations at the “Berklee College of Music”, is articulated in two main directions: music teaching and collaborations with renowned artists.

In the educational field, Matteo has an active career in teaching in numerous and very valid music schools, as a teacher of electric bass, theory and harmony and has trained more than 150 students. In addition, he has also published teaching methods and translated music manuals for Volontè & Co, some of which are used in Italian conservatories.

At the same time, Matteo has collaborated as a live and studio bassist with artists such as Osvaldo Di Dio, Johnny Pozzi, Ace (Skunk Anansie), Max Cottafavi and Nando Bonini. Recently he is on tour with artist Dario Ballantini and in Luca Colombo’s LCProject, where he plays the role of bassist and musical director. He also worked with Bruce Pearson at national orchestral seminars.

The combination of his passion for teaching and his remarkable live experiences make Matteo Balani a prominent figure both in the world of music education and in that of live performances.

Matteo Balani

Matteo Balani
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