Natalio Mangalavite pianist, percussionist, singer, arranger and composer. Latin jazz, pop, etno-folk ed electronic.

Born in Cordoba Argentina, son of art (both parents pianists) studied singing and music (Escuela de ninos cantores de Cordoba); classical piano at his city’s Conservatorio Provincial; piano, composition and jazz arrangements with Prof. Luis Vecchio in the Escuela Canaria de Jazz (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

He left his homeland in ’82, seeking new horizons of life and sound. In Rio de Janeiro he made his first stop, realized that his Latin-ness could sustain him outside South America, and decided to come to Europe.

He will live in Madrid and Las Palmas where he studies and works with local musicians in the Compagnia Canaria de Teatro. Brief stop also in Senegal where he studied Afro percussion.

His Sicilian roots prompted him to visit Italy, a country he would not leave to this day. He has worked and lived in Rome since ’85.

He has played and arranged for Ornella Vanoni for more than 20 years.

He played in several jazz and Latin groups

  • “Tercero Mundo” together with Javier Girotto and El negro Hernandez; “Cirimìa” together with Jhon Arnold, G. Savelli and Massimo Bottini. Television: singing and music teacher in the program “Operation Triumph” together with Miguel Bosè, “Superstar” and many others.

Numerous collaborations in pop and jazz

  • Most notable with: Javier Girotto, Peppe Servillo, Fabrizio Bosso, Alfredo Paxaon, Martin Bruhn, Carlos Buschini, Avion Travel, Michele Ascolese, Paolo Fresu, Barbara Casini, Fabio Concato, Monica Demuru and others.

He recorded several CDs under his own name and many collaborations: “Colibrì” with J. Girotto, “L’amico di Cordoba “and ” Futbol” with Girotto and P. Servillo. “Sol” with Latin Mood and “Vamos” (Girotto, Bosso, Bulgarelli, Tucci and Marcozi), “Madre Tierra” with Buschini, Bruhn, Casini.” Influence” and “Dawn Markets” with DJ Pieraja. “Luis y Miguel” with Michele Ascolese. The latest project the album “Juego” together with Martin Bruhn.

Natalio Mangalavite’s music is Latin-based with many influences. Argentina in the first place, Brazil, Uruguay, Italy, French impressionism, flamenco.

A musician plays what he or she is. his life. What he eats. What he drinks. Love. Natalio tries to convey just that. His life experience in music.



Alexander Night Tales

Natalio Mangalavite

Natalio Mangalavite
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