Nicola Di Tommaso guitarist, is an artist endowed with great sensitivity in other words has the jazz awareness, characteristics that allow him to spacing with proven skill from the repertoire of standards to original compositionsli.

After that, Di Tommaso undertook the study of guitar at a young age..

Graduated in theory and sulphurism at the Conservatorio “Alfredo Casella” de L’Aquila, he achieved the lower completion of classical guitar at the conservatory “Giulio Briccialdi” in Terni, under the guidance of Master Stefano Mastruzzi and Leonardo Gallucci.

  • He studied at the Thelonius Monk in Campobasso with Nicola Cordisco and at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome with Eddy Palermo and Dario La Penna.
  • He graduated with the master Umberto Fiorentino at the Conservatorio Licino Refice in Frosinone, where he obtained a three-year degree in Jazz.

In the meantime in 2013 at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome he obtained his second academic degree in Jazz.

He attended the last year of the triennial at the Berklee College of Music, within Umbria Jazz.

  • He collaborates with the webzines Guitarre and Music Off, for which he has made interviews (Kurt Rosenwinkel) and educational videos.
  • For example, he received the second prize at the Jazz Contest for the section of Original Music.

In conclusion, in 2020 he becomes the official endorser for Italy of the prestigious international brand D’angelico Guitars.


Collaborations and events

I was there once… in Saint Louis!
Seminar on the modal system
Nicola di Tommaso at Lab on the road
Nicola Di Tommaso concert lesson
1 Pentatomic – Frigio
2 Pentatomic – Misolidio 9 sus4
3 Pentatomic – SUS4, Pentatomic – Superlocrio
4 Pentatomic – Lidio Dominante
5 Pentatomic – Phrygian sus4b9, a whole tone below
6 Pentatomic – Aeolian, Mixolydian
7 Pentatonic minor scale a perfect fifth above
Pentatomic – Ionian Scale

Nicola Di Tommaso

Nicola Di Tommaso
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