Roberta Montanari, born in 1982 in Lugo, is a talented chorist and singing teacher. Her career, which began in 2008, has distinguished itself in two main areas: as a chorist for specific artists’ tours and as a choirist for events involving multiple artists.

As a live chorist Roberta has worked on tours of prominent artists such as Cesare Cremonini, Elisa, Vasco Rossi, Tommaso Paradiso, Eros Ramazzotti and Gianna Nannini. He has accompanied these artists on national and international tours, making a significant contribution to their live performances.

In parallel, Roberta participated as a choirist in major events including the Festival of Sanremo, where she worked with the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra in a tribute to Frank Sinatra and television projects such as “The Voice of Italy”. He also participated in “Radio Italia Live”, an event that brought together numerous famous artists on the same stage, and has collaborated in duplication projects for successful television series such as “Riverdale”.

In addition to her career as a chorist, Roberta has dedicated herself to teaching. Since 2005, he has worked in renowned music schools, passing on his skills in singing and piano. She has held masterclasses, with a particular emphasis on the role of chorist, covering technical aspects such as the use of vocal colors and teamwork.

With her extensive experience and her passion for music, Roberta has gained a prominent reputation both as a performer and as a teacher, becoming a reference point in music teaching and in the landscape of live music.

Roberta Montanari

Roberta Montanari
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