Serena Brancale managed to win over the general public with her participation in the 2015 Sanremo Festival where she presented a highly refined version of her song “Galleggiare.”

Many personalities were fascinated by her voice and her incredible artistic personality, acclaims that brought her great collaborations on the most important stages in Italy and abroad: from the tour with Il Volo and Mario Biondi .

Blessed with a dark, versatile voice, in this new, decidedly nu-soul project, she creatively traverses funk, jazz and R’n’B while winking at rap but never forgetting modern electronic sounds.

Gifted with a strong inclination to cross sonic boundaries, the singer can physiologically “manipulate” different genres with great ease through her unprecedented compositions.

His vocal pliability, with a dark and scratchy timbre , but also his continuous desire for research directed toward a broader vision of music, succeed in breaking down the barriers of musical genres.

Singer but also a pianist and percussionist, in live performances Serena expresses her talent by playing keyboards and electronic pads and dedicating to her audience, during concerts, unforgettable “solo” moments with an intimate and confidential character, but at the same time even more creative and wild.

From May 2019 on tour with her new record work VITA D’ARTISTA accompanied by her stable lineup consisting of Domenico Sanna, Alfonso Deidda and Dario Panza drums.

He is also popular on the web, especially among Instagram and Facebook users, for a series of videos, where he humorously tells the behind-the-scenes stories of the music world and the lives of musicians.



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Serena Brancale

Serena Brancale
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