Simonetta Collatina is bilingual (English and Italian) and has dual Italian and US citizenship.

After being a tutor and substitute of Latin and Greek during university studies (Laurea in Literature and Philosophy), Simonetta Collatina, following her transfer to the States.

Joined in 1995, he worked mainly in the linguistic field with various functions and specialisations.

In particular, from 1995 to today, she has specialized in translation/transcreation in the technical, medical and software/localization fields.

During her stay in the USA, in Minneapolis, in parallel with the translation activity she was Education Specialist for Italian L2 for three academic years (from 1999 to 2002) at the University of Minnesota (1999-2002).

On his return to Italy in 2003 he collaborated with several language schools such as JPS la Scuola and Trinity School as a teacher of English (general, YLs and VYLs, B2B, etc.) and taught English language and literature in a private high school in Rome..

Starting from the academic year 2015-2016, he began his collaboration with the Saint Louis College of Music, where he teaches English for musicians/composers/sound technicians, Italian L2 for foreigners, and, from 2019, International Music Marketing.

The interest in Digital Marketing evolved after a professional training course of the Municipality of Rome in Web Design, which led to occasional collaborations for the creation of websites and the management of social media.

General English, English for Musicians/Composers/Sound Technicians, Italian for Foreigners, INTERNATIONAL MUSIC MARKETING

Simonetta Collatina

Simonetta Collatina
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