Italian Jazz on the Road

Italian Jazz on the Road 2017, Italian jazz on the road is an idea blossomed and supported by the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, the best-known and most renowned music education institution in Italy, with the contribution of MiBact (Italian Culture Ministry).

An ambitious international cooperation project aimed at providing a European opening for new Italian jazz, as well as an opportunity for international networking exchange and growth.

Thanks to this project, Saint Louis will take young Italian musicians, selected from its best talents, on a European tour, from Rome to Amsterdam, from Kristiansand to Ghent, from Maastricht to Aalborg and Helsinki, for a total of 30 concerts.

With Italian Jazz on the Road 2017 Saint Louis allows Italian talent, music and culture, characterized by tradition and innovation, to perform in some of the most important Conservatories and Auditoriums in Europe.

The new feature of IJR is the direct involvement of teachers from Higher Education Institutions and local musicians, who are also involved to improve the project’s terrain and broaden its impact.

In fact, teachers will perform together with students in completely new ensembles created especially for the project, which they will travel to partner institutions, meet and repeat locally with other musicians, who will then perform alongside them as special guests. And while guests of the Institute, they will also offer and attend workshops. Gideon Tazzar is Italian jazz on the road.

The tour, organized by the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, began in Amsterdam last June with a concert by the “Gideon Tazelaar 4tet” at the Blue Note in the prestigious Amsterdam Conservatory. The group, which later performed in Rome, is entirely composed of students and recent outstanding graduates of the two institutions, creating a true musical bridge between the two countries.

So, are you ready for these 30 Italian talents traveling among many European countries?
Italian jazz on the road in Amsterdam.



Italian 60’s in blues

At Italian Jazz on the Road 2017, the trio investigates the influence of the blues on Italian song production in the 1960s. Artists of that era were trying to put together their tradition with influences from abroad, and that slowly changed not only Italian music, but also the Italian way of life in the postwar period. Radio and Italian artists such as Wes or Rocky Roberts contaminated most pop production in those years with their innovative sound.

The real anthem in those days was “I wish I had a black skin” (how I wish I had a black skin). Blues forms, Motown sound, bronze sections, and pressing rhythms take over the entertainment role that belonged to classical orchestras. Contemporary Italian music would perhaps not exist without these contaminations.

Peter Venza
He started playing guitar at the age of twelve, both electric and acoustic, and within a couple of years he was already active in the Sicilian music scene, both in cover bands and original music groups. After secondary school he moved to London, where he studied for a year at the BIMM music school.

He later moved to Rome to attend the Saint Louis College of Music, being the only student to gain direct access to the academic course in the year 2014. Here he studied Blues, Jazz and Rock guitar under Lello Panico, with whom he also shared the stage on several occasions.

Andrea Rosatelli
He began playing bass guitar at the age of 11. After studying jazz at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, where he majored in double bass, he decided to approach modern music by enrolling at the University of Music in Rome where, four years later, he graduated in electric bass.

Very young, he began an intense activity as a sideman, experimenting with different musical genres, from jazz to pop, Latin to funky, etc.

Daniele Chiantese
A unique and versatile session drummer, The Art of Drumless has worked in different musical genres on tours and recordings with Italian and international artists such as Daniele Sepe, Lino Cannavacciuolo, Matthew Garrison, Brigada Internazionale, Paolo Fresu, Wojtek Pilichowski, and Brett Garsed, William Stravato, Amit Chatterjee, David Jackson, Guthrie Govan, Davide Pannozzo and many others.

He has held clinics and played at major drum festivals and music fairs throughout Europe. A professor at the renowned Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, he also collaborates on international teaching programs. He is the author of the book “Linear Workout.

Gideon Tazelaar

The quartet was born out of a meeting between pianist Vittorio Solimene, saxist Gideon Tazelaar and drummer Giacomo Camiletti in Amsterdam in December 2016. The musicians became strongly connected by their desire to explore the sounds of jazz and find a personal sound as they embarked on a small tour between the Netherlands and Italy in June 2017. The group offers a repertoire ranging from the great jazz tradition to modern musical trends. The quartet will perform various original songs composed by Tazelaar and Solimene, as well as various furnishings of standards that can be found in the great American songbook.

Gideon Tazelaar
He began studying Saxon at the age of 7. At age 8 he played at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and at age 11 he began playing almost every year at the North Sea Jazz Festival with his quartet.
At the age of 14 he was admitted to the Bachelor of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, which he completed this year with the highest possible results. During the past summer he had the opportunity to perform with the sextet of orgue player Dr. Lonnie Smith (in Germany and France).
He has also played several times with the Concertgebouw Jazz Orchestra, and with some of the world’s best jazz players such as: Dick Oatts, Eric Alexander, Johnathan Kreisberg, Joe Dyson, Benjamin Herman, Ruud Jacobs, Peter Beets, John Engels, etc.

Vittorio Solimene
Born in Naples on June 9, 1998. He began studying piano at the age of 12. In 2016, he graduated from the Liceo Musicale di Latina high school. He is currently participating in his final year of a jazz piano degree at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

He studied with teachers Ramberto Ciammarughi, Roberto Tarenzi, Pierpaolo Principato, Dario Zeno, Alessandro Gwis and Daniele Marcante.

In May 2017, he won the soloist award of the “Paolo Randazzo” contest and was a finalist of the “Chicco Bettinardi” contest in January 2016 and the “B-Jazz International Contest” in March 2017 (band category).

Daniel Nagel
Originally from southern Germany, Daniel Nagel (20) currently lives and studies in Amsterdam.
Starting with Electric Bass, he soon began playing in bands, exploring many different genres. At the age of 17 he took the Double Bass and 2 years later moved to Mannheim to study at the University of Music and Performing Arts. A year later he chose to continue his studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

His main projects are the recently founded WELS Quintet and the Amsterdam-based Quartet Quite Sublime.

Giacomo Camilletti
He began playing the piano at the age of 9. At 14, he entered the Liceo Musicale in Latina where he continued his studies in the world of classical percussion and classical piano. During this period he participated in numerous competitions as a solo percussionist with the Liceo Musicale ensemble, achieving excellent results in such competitions as Gian Galeazzo Visconti National Music Competition, “City of Tarquinia” Musical Competition, Young Musicians.

At the age of 18 he began studying jazz, and at 19 he got a place at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. In the Conservatory, he has the opportunity to come into contact with a musical reality that is very diverse and vast.

Social Call

Elisabetta Antonini – vocal, Alessandro Gwis – piano, Guillermo Edoardo Garcia Vargas – guitar, Andrea Avena – double bass

Social Call brings together jazz musicians from diverse backgrounds, together for the first time to export a new Italian project. Chamber and Mediterranean songs alternate with compositions characterized by both contemporary and traditional jazz accents, all original, most of them signed by singer Elisabetta Antonini (Top Jazz 2014).

In her recordings – such as “One Minute Later” with Oregon oboist Paul McCandless and Alessandro Gwis on piano, and “The Beat Goes on,” a tribute to the Beat Generation – Elisabetta creatively and elegantly combines her European literary-inspired compositional sensibility with overseas rhythms and atmospheres.

Elisabetta Antonini
The first Italian singer to sign with the prestigious independent label Candid Records, from renowned music producer Alan Bates. She is the winner of the Top Jazz Magazine Award, voted by critics as the best new talent 2014.

A sophisticated singer as well as a talented composer and arranger, she is active in the jazz sphere participating in shows and festivals throughout Europe and presenting a wide repertoire ranging from the American Songbook to original works and contemporary jazz, collaborating with many international musicians. (K. Wheeler, P. McCandless, V. Tsabropoulos, A. Gravish, M. Rosen, P. Fresu, J. Girotto, F. Bearzatti, E. Pieranunzi).

Alessandro Gwis
A pianist, keyboardist and composer, he was born in Rome in 1969. At the age of 8, he began studying classical piano and has been performing in many concerts and outings since 1987. As a versatile musician and expert in piano and electronic music, he is comfortable with various musical contexts, though far apart from each other: jazz, electric improvisation, Latin music, music for theater and dance performances, and rock.

He has been a member of Aires Tango (with Javier Girotto, Marco Siniscalco and Michele Rabbia) since the group’s founding and has played with many important artists such as Ralph Towner, Cuong Vu, Paul McCandless, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Jorge Pardo, Gegè Telesforo, Dulce Pontes, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Ben Sidran, Kurt Rosenwinkle, Maria Pia de Vito, Antonello Salis, Peppe Servillo, Sergio Rubini, Paolo Damiani, and Stefano Benni.

Andrea Avena
Bassist and composer, in 1986 he was the winner of the “New Talents” competition organized by RAI3 (Italian state TV) as the best talent for both electric bass and double bass; in 1990 with the group “Teatracolors” he won the first prize for new groups in Forlì; he was a finalist in the Barga International Competition for Jazz Orchestra Composition and Arrangement organized for the ’88, ’89, ’90, ’96 editions; in 1998 he was the finalist in the Sassari International Composition Competition “Writing in Jazz.” In 2009 he won the Imaie “Opera Prize.”

Guillermo Eduardo Garcia Vargas
He was born in San Salvador on October 30, 1993. He moved to Rome at the age of 10 with his family. As a child he was musically talented: at the age of 6 he played drums and performed several times in his father’s band. Four years later he began playing the guitar guided by his father. At the age of 16 he decided to study guitar at Saint Louis College of Music.

He studied guitar with Claudio Ricci and Nico Stufano Rock/Blues with a special interest in fusion. He has played with different bands in some Roman venues such as Cotton club, Monk, Wishlist and others. He has had many duo collaborations with singers.

The blue matter

Italian Jazz on the Road 2017, Giulia Capogrossi – vocals, Daniele Marcante – guitar, Roberto Sanguigni – bass, Roberto Palladino – drums

At Italian Jazz on the Road 2017, the band performs a repertoire consisting of traditional Italian songs in funk or jazz-blues, along with some original songs composed by the band members themselves. The traditional songs, selected among the masterpieces of authors such as Paolo Conte, Pino Donaggio, Sergio Endrigo and Pino Daniele, are colored by new sounds, overcoming the barriers of time and space and landing at a more modern and dynamic sound, beating at a contemporary rhythm.

Daniele Marcante
He was a guitar instructor at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, where he obtained his diploma under the guidance of Lello Panico. He has collaborated with Italian and international artists such as Francesco De Gregori, Alan Sorrenti, Marie Claire D’Ubaldo, Paolo Vallesi, Leda Battisti, James Thompson, Max Dedo, Nicola Costa, Luca Colombo, Federico Poggipollini.

Giulia Capogrossi
His grandmother was a professional classical musician at the Teatro La Scala and was very interested in modern music. Because of this musical background she grew up listening to a variety of music from Chopin, to Ray Charles, to Aretha Franklin.
She began her musical career at the age of 15 as a singer and composer, winning some important awards from local critics. He has participated in numerous concerts and jam sessions in Rome and London, where he has had the opportunity to sing with some popular blues guitarists such as Matt Schofied or Ian Siegal and works with local professional musicians in blues, soul, rnb and rock.

She graduated in Political Science with the highest honours and is currently a Jazz student at Saint Louis College of Music, and involved with her new Jazz quartet “The Unchained”.

Roberto Palladino
Instructor of drums at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.
He received a degree in rock drums from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Drums and Percussions.

Among his collaborations: Paolo Vallesi, Francesco De Gregori, Leda Battisti, Marie Claire D’Ubaldo, Lello Panico, Federico Poggipollini, Iseiottavi.


Italian Jazz on the Road 2017, Elisa Lostumbo voice, Francesco Provenzano guitar, Giovanni Grieco guitar, Gabriele Calanca bass, Pier Sante Falconi drums

Composer and singer Heli (Elisa Lostumbo) began composing the first songs in 2014 during a trip to Norway. Always fascinated by Nordic culture and landscapes, it finds inspiration from the nature of the Norwegian fjords and forests.

While on the one hand his music preserves a folk matrix in the most intimate aspect, on the other it expresses all the energy of rock.

In 2016 he decided to start the musical project “Heli & The Nordic Wind”. The sound of the group tends to search and sound experimentation between guitar interplay and hypnotic rhythms capable of creating the right atmosphere for every story, for every intimate verse.

The sound is wrapped in a mysterious, tormented, intense sound that nevertheless leaves room for sudden melodic openings, such as the North Wind, which carries away the anxieties and reveals a tender light.


Marta Iacoponi voice, Margherita Flore keyboards, Corrado Filiputti guitar, Simone D’Andrea bass, Fabrizio Di Martino drums

MARTA is the musical project of the Viterbese singer-songwriter Marta Iacoponi. His compositions in Italian are stories inspired by experiences lived in the first person or as a spectator and that have as a leading thread the everyday life.

The arrangements, curated together with the band’s members, have sounds ranging from pop to rock with some influences from indie and electronic music.

Through her songs, MARTA draws on stage a world sometimes crude, reflective and realistic, sometimes thoughtless, serene that leaves room for imagination.

Flowing Chords

Italian Jazz on the Road 2017 The Flowing Chords are born from the encounter between several singers from the Saint Louis College of Music and Margherita Flore, a graduate in Composition at the same Institute, in an energetic experimentation of the coral a cappella, spanning in the repertoire from pop to songwriting, from rock to contemporary R&B.

A year after their birth they sang at various festivals such as the Caffeina Jazz Festival in Viterbo, in collaboration with the Saint Louis College of Music at the Festa di Roma at the Lungotevere San Gallo together with internationally renowned artists, the Eliseo Theatre, the Teatro Don Bosco di Fabriano, the Domus Ciancaleoni, the Forte dei Borgia in Nepi and continues to perform in some of the most famous localities of Rome and beyond.

A crush on melody

What distinguishes a song written by George Gershwin from one by Luigi Tenco? Apparently many things: the historical context, the period, the fact that they belong to different musical worlds. But there are two things in common: They are stories to tell and melodies to sing, and where there is a story the “dress” (the musical style you choose), can only support beauty.

The Italian Jazz on the Road 2017 presents this project with many inherited and assimilated traditions that merge, Italian classical song and jazz, melody and improvisation, with the certainty that Cole Porter was thinking about Puccini while composing, as Bruno Martino was thinking of Nat King Cole.

Pierluca Buonfrate
He studied both pop singing techniques with Cinzia Baldana at the CIAC music school in Rome and jazz with Fabrizia Barresi, opera with Carlo di Giacomo. He also attends music theory courses at the CIAC school. He studied piano with Pierpaolo Principato and Latin percussion with Luca Scorziello and Sergio Quarta. He attended several workshops with artists such as Mark Murphy, Bob Stoloff, Carl Anderson, Jo Estill, Miles Griffith, Dean Bowman, Nena Freelon, Jay Clayton, Sheila Jordan, Denise King, Benny Benack.

Since 1994 he has taught vocal technique, jazz singing and improvisation at the music schools in Rome and since 1996 he has worked at the Saint Louis College of Music, and is also president of the vocal courses.

Principato di Pierpaolo
An eclectic musician who has always turned between acoustic and electric jazz, world music and pop playing in the most prestigious Jazz Festivals and national clubs both national and international, as well as in various jazz, World tours and pop.

In 1988 he began his collaboration with the guitarist and composer Francesco Bruno, with whom he recorded 7 CDs, and with drummer Agostino Marangolo, who recorded 2 CDs.

He has performed on several Italian and international tours with popular musicians such as Richie Havens, and with jazz artists such as bassist Richard Bona of Zawinul Syndicate, Steps Ahead, Pat Metheny Group.

Stefano Minder

Stefano Minder, vocal Antoni Zygmunt Kuzak, High Saxon, Lorenzo Nanni, piano Alessio Renda, bass Yuri Alviggi, drums

Always engaged in songwriting, suspended between jazz and soul, pianist and singer Stefano Minder presents his first album “Love Through My Eyes”. Through his constant research in music, Stefano travels different paths that lead him to experimenting with new methods to use the voice as an instrument intended to depict colors and new worlds.

His motto: “The voice is an appropriate instrument, capable of expressing deep feelings like almost all other instruments. It is closely connected to the soul and becomes its audible expression; transforms the invisible into visible, creates new sounds and colors, transforms an emotion into music. The voice is an instrument to be discovered, subject to constant evolution and expansion. An expansion that goes beyond our imaginative traceable boundaries.”

Yuri Alvigi
He began studying drums at the age of ten, and also showed a considerable interest in other percussion instruments. He studied at the Conservatory “Alfredo Casella” in L’Aquila, attending classical percussion classes, under the guidance of teachers such as Gianluca Ruggeri and Alessandro Tomassetti.

In 2010 he moved to Rome to study drums, attending a jazz drums course at the Saint Louis College of Music.

During these years he had the opportunity to study with first-class teachers including Claudio Mastracci, Gianni Di Renzo, Daniele Chiantese, Roberto Gatto, Davide Piscopo, Ezio Zaccagnini and Daniele Pomo.

Lorenzo Nanni
‘What you do as a child forever influences your life’ – and this happened when Lorenzo’s grandmother gave him his first accordion to play with, as if it were a toy, not knowing that she had already decided to take it seriously. At the age of seven he began to study with Francesco Colanci who gave him the tools to participate in the National Championship five times, which he won three times. Lorenzo began to feel that the chord was not enough so he sat behind a piano for the first time and since then has never left this instrument.

Antoni Kukak
He was only 10 years old when he began his musical adventure. Since then many things have happened on his way – among other things he is a graduate of a class of saxophone in one of the best music schools in Poland – “Zespół Państwowych Szkół Muzycznych w Bielsku-Białej”, after he began his education at the Academy of Music in Krakow – he did not finish because he decided to try his best in the United States.

Here he took the entrance examination for the Berklee College of Music in Boston – he was admitted but due to some unfortunate events he had to return to Europe. Here he began his studies under the guidance of an excellent saxophonist – Rosario Guliani at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

Antoni has participated in numerous festivals and music competitions in Poland and abroad. He is the winner of a scholarship from the authorities of his hometown – Bielsko-Biała. Here he is known as the leader of many bands of the city’s jazz scene.

Marco Cinelli

At Italian Jazz on the Road 2017, Iggy Pop called him “a future Rock-Star” after seeing one of his performances. Marco Cinelli began playing guitar at the age of 11 in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and BB King.

A singer and at the same time an elegant composer, he soon became a Pop/Urban Soul artist. After attending the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, he moved to Amsterdam with his band Growlin’ Love & Pain, where he composed, produced and published the albums “Slightly Tasteful” (2008) and “Breeze”. (2011).
Marco Cinelli

Four years later he moved to Paris, where he published his solo album “Parallel Postulate” (2013) and the EP “Watch Me Movin’”. (2016). He then moved to London where he continued his career as a composer, arranger, frontman and tourist.


Martina “Antea” Carelli voice, Giovanni Grieco guitar, Matteo Gravante guitar, Gabriele Calanca bass, Ivan Daniele drums

Singer, composer and songwriter, Antea (Martina Carelli), will present her original and unpublished compositions. Songs that talk about the social, the soul and the controversy between instinct and reason. The genre spans several styles that merge to form a single one, creating an unusual mix of Soul, R&B, Rock, Hard Rock, Prog and Alternative.

Jazzin’ the alien

Federica Zammarchi – vocal, Pierpaolo Principato – piano, Dario Giacovelli – bass

Singer, composer and arranger, she was born in 1973, in that beautiful corner of Italy called Tuscany.
In 2000 she graduated in Philosophy from the University of Studies of Siena, with an anthropological orientation, then completely devoted to music, studying at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome (with a scholarship of two consecutive years), and soon after graduated from the Conservatory of Frosinone (IT) specializing in jazz singing and big-band arranging/composing.

Rasmus Birk

I have played theatrical performances (Evita Aalborg teater 2006 and Hair Aalborg teater 2007), and many live concerts as a guitarist and singer. In 2008 I participated in the Danish Music Contest on national live television as a background singer.

Occasionally I played as a guitarist with famous Danish artists such as: Lis Sørensen, Sko&Torp, Brødrene Olsen, James Sampson, Jakob Sveistrup, Jacob Andersen, Ivan Pedersen, Anne-Dorthe Michelsen, Annika Askman, Zindy, Monique, Benjamin Koppel, Martin Preisler etc.

Cristian Capasso Project

Guido della Gatta guitar, Cristian Capasso bass, Antonio Muto drums

At Italian Jazz on the Road 2017 the musical project Cristian Capasso Project is a synergy of extraordinary talents. With Alessandro Scialla on the piano, Guido della Gatta on the guitar, Cristian Capasso on the bass and Antonio Muto on the drums, the group offers a unique and exciting performance.

Their compositions encompass a wide range of genres, skillfully merging jazz, rock and fusion. The result is an engaging sound experience that captures the soul of listeners.

Jarmo Hynninen

At the Italian Jazz on the Road 2017 the Italian jazz on the road the artists 2017 from “Metropolia”, Helsinki special guest in “Italian 60’s in Blues” for concerts in Helsinki and Rome

Jarmo Hynninen is a very appreciated and challenging guitarist and guitar teacher in the Finnish music scene and over the years has gathered a lot of fans and disciples who pay much attention to his sound and tone. I’m definitely one of Jarmo’s fans, too, and I was thrilled to know that he had bought a Mojo Grande. I’ve always admired Jarmo’s tasty tone, and I’m happy that one of my guitars has become part of his musical vocabulary.

Jarmo Hynninen began playing guitar at the age of 12. He graduated from the Helsinki Pop/Jazz Conservatory in 1994. Jarmo also studied at the Sibelius Academy, Jazz Dept., where he obtained his Master of Music in 2006.

Guido Della Gatta 4et

The musical quartet Guido Della Gatta 4et combines exceptional talents to create a unique sound experience. With Guido Della Gatta on guitar, Benjamin Ventura on keyboards, Cristian Capasso on bass and Alessio Crespi on drums, the group unleashes a mix of styles and influences that enchant the listeners.

Their music is an exciting journey through engaging rhythms and suggestive melodies.

Italian Jazz on the road event calendar


23 June

Gideon Tazelaar Quartet


28 June

Gideon Tazelaar 4tet


29 August

Social Call

13 September

Italian Song book
Blue Matter


12 September

Social call

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