Jammin 2017, fifteen years played, lived, spent untouchable but never unnoticed. They leave an indelible mark, an expression rust on the face of the music made in Italy, a meadow where to grow the seeds of the new generations.

On the stage of the Auditorium the Saint Louis has promoted 450 young artists in fourteen editions; in Jammin’ 2017 we will appreciate the best of 2017. 40 artists, jazzists, singers, producers, composers, authors, a Young Italy that looks at Europe without blurred or reverential fears, proud of its Mediterranean origins, possible dreams and legitimate ambitions.
Jammin’ has won extraordinary consensus among enthusiastic audiences, aiming at music with the spontaneity of a natural gesture, a sudden emotion, an evolutionary intuition.

The rewind button is for nostalgic, the fast forward is for superficial consumers, but the music is now, at a natural speed, in phase with the 60 pulses/minute of our heart… play button”.

Stefano Mastruzzi, Direttore Saint Louis College of Music

The Saint Louis College of Music, in collaboration with Fondazione Musica per Roma, presents Jammin’ year 2017. With the artistic direction of Stefano Mastruzzi, the exhibition, which has reached its fifteenth edition, brings forward the young experimentation at an international level and the best emerging artists – protagonists for five evenings on the stage of the Petrassi Hall of the Auditorium Parco della Musica – giving room to the most varied commistion of genres.

Jammin’ year 2017 to inaugurate the first evening of September 28 “The Best of…”, the special guest Marco Cinelli and the best ensemble selected within the Saint Louis and Dumbo Station the group undertakes that will animate the evening with contaminations jazz, funk, fusion and rock. Next, a date on September 29th with the new song author to the female Geni XX, singers of the 21st century, while the next evening from September 30th will give voice to the Geni XY, singer of the XXI century.

Jammin’ year 2017 the show continues on 1 and 3 October with Italian Jazz on the Road, the new frontiers of Italian jazz, two evenings dedicated to young and original European projects in the field of jazz, with the extraordinary participation of Maria Pia De Vito.


The Concerts

28 September

The Best of…
Special Guest Marco Cinelli

The best ensemble born within the music school Saint Louis, selected during the academic diploma concerts, rewarding originality, experimentation, creative exchange, the ability to open the mind and explain the wings towards a 360° musicality.
Jammin’ year 2017 special guest of the evening Marco Cinelli, talented guitarist and composer very active and appreciated on the London music scene, invited to return to Italy from Saint Louis, where he graduated before moving abroad and regain successes in Amsterdam, Paris and London.

Guido Della Gatta guitar, Benjamin Ventura keyboard, Cristian Capasso bass, Alessio Crespi drums.

Francesco Sacchini voice, Corrado Filiputti guitar, Daniele Greco guitar, Daniel Mastrovito piano, Antonio Coronato bass, Davide Savarese drums.

Alessandro Scialla piano, Guido della Gatta guitar, Cristian Capasso bass, Antonio Muto drums.

Marco Cinelli
Iggy Pop called him “a future rock star” after seeing one of his performances. Marco Cinelli began playing guitar at the age of 11 in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and BB King. A singer and at the same time an elegant composer, he soon became a Pop/Urban Soul artist.

After attending the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, he moved to Amsterdam with his band Growlin’ Love & Pain, where he composed, produced and published the albums “Slightly Tasteful” (2008) and “Breeze”. (2011).

Four years later he moved to Paris, where he published his solo album “Parallel Postulate” (2013) and the EP “Watch Me Movin’”. (2016). He then moved to London where he continued his career as a composer, arranger, frontman and tourist.


29 September

Geni XX, singers of the twenty-first century

Martina “Antea” Carelli voice, Giovanni Grieco guitar, Matteo Gravante guitar, Gabriele Calanca bass, Ivan Daniele drums

Singer, composer and songwriter, Antea (Martina Carelli), will present her original and unpublished compositions at Jammin’ year 2017. Songs that talk about the social, the soul and the controversy between instinct and reason. The genre spans several styles that merge to form a single one, creating an unusual mix of Soul, R&B, Rock, Hard Rock, Prog and Alternative.

Elisa Lostumbo voice, Francesco Provenzano guitar, Giovanni Grieco guitar, Gabriele Calanca bass, Pier Sante Falconi drums

Composer and singer Heli (Elisa Lostumbo) began composing the first songs in 2014 during a trip to Norway. Always fascinated by Nordic culture and landscapes, it finds inspiration from the nature of the Norwegian fjords and forests. While on the one hand his music preserves a folk matrix in the most intimate aspect, on the other it expresses all the energy of rock.
In 2016 he decided to start the musical project “Heli & The Nordic Wind”. The sound of the group tends to search and sound experimentation between guitar interplay and hypnotic rhythms capable of creating the right atmosphere for every story, for every intimate verse. The sound is wrapped in a mysterious, tormented, intense sound that nevertheless leaves room for sudden melodic openings, such as the North Wind, which carries away the anxieties and reveals a tender light.

Marta Iacoponi voice, Margherita Flore keyboards, Corrado Filiputti guitar, Simone D’Andrea bass, Fabrizio Di Martino drums

MARTA is the musical project of the Viterbese singer-songwriter Marta Iacoponi. His compositions in Italian are stories inspired by experiences lived in the first person or as a spectator and that have as a leading thread the everyday life.
The arrangements, curated together with the band’s members, have sounds ranging from pop to rock with some influences from indie and electronic music.
Through her songs, MARTA draws on stage a world sometimes crude, reflective and realistic, sometimes thoughtless, serene that leaves room for imagination.

directed by Margherita FLORE

The Flowing Chords are born from the meeting between several singers from the Saint Louis College of Music and Margherita Flore, a graduate in Composition at the same Institute, in an energetic experimentation of the coral at a chapel, spanning in the repertoire from pop to songwriting, from rock to contemporary R&B. A year after their birth they sang at various festivals such as the Caffeina Jazz Festival in Viterbo, in collaboration with the Saint Louis College of Music at the Festa di Roma at the Lungotevere San Gallo together with internationally renowned artists, the Eliseo Theatre, the Teatro Don Bosco di Fabriano, the Domus Ciancaleoni, the Forte dei Borgia in Nepi and continues to perform in some of the most famous localities of Rome and beyond. He also collaborates with jazz and prog bands such as the VEMM and the Dumbo Station in concerts and recordings.

30 September

Geni XY, singers of the twenty-first century

Leonardo, 20 years old, solo project produced in Los Angeles alongside producer Robert Deller, returned to Italy after the Music Award received at the North Monterey County High School, plays on major stages and festivals such as Umbria Jazz, Piper Club, Altlantico, continues his project alongside Valter Sacripanti (artistic producer) and Giampaolo Rosselli with an album that is a journey within the Soul, R&B, Pop.

Matteo Gravant voice and guitar, Edoardo Lupo piano and synth, Claudio Bruno bass, Simplicio Ciaccia batteria

The singer-songwriter Matteo Gravante writes songs that talk about his experiences, with the intention of enclosing in them moments lived, emotions, people. As soundings the songs express soft and intimate atmospheres, intertwined to pieces from a harder and distorted side.

Adriano Meliffi piano, keyboard and voice, Alessandro Molinaro guitar, Luca Lavorgna guitar, Flaminia Lobianco, Lisa Fiorani voices, Marco Pasquariello piano and keyboard, Giuseppe Di Pasqua bass, Francesco Angiolini drums

ACo is the project that will be presented at Jammin’ year 2017 and the singer-songwriter Adriano Meliffi who in his songs blends various musical styles: world music, pop rock, art rock, folk, author music, ambient, soul. “I am not the only one. In ACo there is a Co made by all the people who believe in my project and help me to realize it. It means that in life you are never alone and we are always conditioned and defined by our relationship with the Other. It means that there is no A without Co. ACo is the fusion between the universe in me and the universes outside of me. The embrace from which my music is born”. The EP coming out in October 2017 will simply be called “N”, the initial of the word “we”.

Letizia Angelelli voice, Gianmarco Angeleli guitar, Marco Silvestri guitar, Alberto Pulcinelli bass, Enrico Brunori drums

The Havisham project that will be presented at Jammin’ year 2017 is born in 2015. Letizia Angelelli (voice), Gianmarco AngelelLI (guitar, choir), Marco Silvestri (guitars, bass, keyboards, choirs) immediately start work to create the band’s first EP that will be released in 2016 with the title “Be Aware Of Invisibility” containing 5 tracks, totally self-produced. The name Havisham is inspired by the character of Charles Dickens “Miss Havishaam” protagonist in the novel “Great Hope”, who after losing the man he loved on the wedding day remained for the rest of his life with the wedding dress. The band enriches the orchestra in live performances with Alberto Pulcinelli (bass) and Enrico Brunori (batteria).


1 October

Italian Jazz on The Road
feat. Maria Pia De Vito

Italian Jazz on the Road is the extraordinary tour produced by Saint Louis of Rome presented at Jammin’ year 2017: 30 young talents to discover with 50 concerts in 10 European countries. Winner for the second consecutive year of the tender for the Promotion of Jazz Music of Mibact, Saint Louis with the project Italian Jazz on the road brings the true Italian talents, our music and our culture of tradition and innovation to Belgium, France, Norway, Poland, Finland England, Spain, the Netherlands and many other destinations.
First stage of the European tour for the young pianist and composer Stefano Minder, which will open the evening of presentation of the new work of Maria Pia De Vito, “Moresche and other inventions”, born from the collaboration with the Burnogualà Large Vocal Ensemble.

presents “Love Through My Eyes”
Stefano Minder voice, Antoni Zygmunt Kuzak sax, Andrea Saffiri piano, Alessio Renda electric bass, Yuri Alviggi drums

Always engaged with songwriting between Jazz and Soul, the singer and pianist Stefano Minder presents his first CD “Love Through My Eyes”. Through his continuous research in the field of music, Stefano undertakes several ways to experiment with new methods on how to use the voice, to recreate colors and new worlds. Its motto is: “The voice is a full-fledged instrument, capable of expressing deep feelings that no other instrument can do. It is directly connected with the soul and becomes its audible expression; transforms the invisible into visible, creates new sounds and colors, transforms an emotion into music. The voice is an instrument to be discovered, subject to continuous evolution and expansion. An expansion that goes beyond our imaginable limits”.

“Moresche and other inventions”

20 voices, piano and bass

On October 1, the official presentation of the album “Moresche and other inventions” by Maria Pia De Vito with the Burnogualà Large Vocal Ensemble will take place at the Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome: a community of researchers founded and directed by Maria Pia De Vito, already the protagonist in Italy of some festivals and important locations.

He became known to the public in 2016 for a viral video spread on the web and proposed by the national TV, which depicts his spectacular vocal performance in water directed by Maria Pia De Vito in the sea of Ventotene, during the artistic residence at the Festival “Rumori nell’Isola” 2015.The album reports the work of processing and research carried out around the “Moresche” of Orlando di Lasso: Carnival cycles, of parody, the protagonists of which are slaves and free Africans portrayed in serenates, courts, dances, biscuits, in a language that wisely mixes fragments of Naples dialect (comically distorted), words and phrases in Kanuri – the language spoken in the Nile-Saharan area in the Bornu empire (now northeastern Nigeria) – along with imitation of instruments and verse of animals.

A material of great rhythmic richness, counterpointing, of great musical inspiration, and more. The Burnogualà Ensemble performs the Moresques by creating improvisational tissues with interludes, spaces and sound panoramas in which Africa, Renaissance Naples and improvisation blend and meet in the contemporary.

Born in 2012 as “Vocal Geographies” within the jazz Canto class of Maria Pia De Vito at the Conservatory of S. Cecilia in Rome and continued at Saint Louis Music College as a special project, the Burnogualà Ensemble conducts an improvisational and repertoire research that ranges from the polyphony of the late Renaissance (Orlando di Lasso) to contemporary authors such as Vince Mendoza, Miles Davis, Joe Zawinul, Diederik Wiessels, Take Six and Brazilian authors for a practice of the voice and improvisation of jazz derivation, applied to material of the most diverse historical and geographical origin, in a collective work of deepening and study of the sources of the non-original material that is dealt with.

And, of course, a foot in modernity with an original repertoire that can count on signatures of contemporary composers of great thickness.
In 2016 he was a guest of the album of Rita Marcotulli “A Pino” dedicated to Pino Daniele (written with La Repubblica/L’Espresso), performing a suggestive intro by Maria Pia De Vito “’E ceveze” for the song “Donna Cuncetta” and in the album “core-coração” of Maria Pia de Vito (special guest Chico Buarque) produced by Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz.

He has performed in several prestigious contexts including the Ravello Festival 2016, “A strip of fertile earth” at the Castello di Palombara Sabina, “Percorsi Jazz Santa Cecilia” 2012, 2013 and 2014, the MAXXI Museum in Rome, the event “Il ponte della musica” 2014, the Therme di Diocleziano in 2014, the Night of Museums in Rome 2016.

3 October

Italian Jazz on the Road – Part II

Jammin’ year 2017 the evening sees protagonists some of the groups on tour, formed by Italian musicians with international guests to surprise, selected among the best talents of the European Conservatories, during the Italian Jazz on the Road, the extraordinary tour produced by Saint Louis of Rome: 30 young talents to discover with 50 concerts in 10 European countries.

Pietro Venza guitar, Andrea Rosatelli bass, Daniele Chiantese drums

The trio through a journey into the Italian song of the 1960s focuses on the influence of Blues and Soul in the production of those years. The artists of the time tried to merge our tradition with the influences that came from abroad and that slowly, in addition to music, changed the costume of post-war Italy. Radio in the first place and some Italian naturalized artists (Rocky Roberts, Wes, etc) contaminated with their sound in the innovative era much of the pop production of those years. The Blues forms, the Motown sound, the breathtaking sections, the hot rhythms took the place of classical orchestras in entertainment: We modern musicians’t exist today without this contamination.

Pierluca Buonfrate voice, Pierpaolo Principato piano, Stefano Rossi bass, Daniele Natalini drums

What makes a song written by George Gershwin different from a song by Luigi Tenco? Apparently many things: historical context, period, belonging to a different musical world. But there are two things in common: They’re stories to tell and melodies to sing. And where there is a story, the “dress”, or the musical style that is chosen, can only be of support to its beauty.
In this project you meet inherited and acquired traditions, classical Italian song and jazz, melody and improvisation, with the conviction that Cole Porter composing thought of Puccini, just as Bruno Martino thought of Nat King Cole.

Giulia Capogrossi voice, Daniele Marcante guitar, Francesco Luzzio bass, Roberto Palladino drums

The band offers a repertoire of traditional Italian songs revisited in key funk or jazz-blues along with some unreleased songs. Songs from the Italian tradition of authors such as Paolo Conte, Pino Donaggio, Sergio Endrigo, and Pino Daniele are dressed with new sounds, overcoming the barriers of time and space to land a modern and dynamic sound that beats the rhythm of contemporaryity.

Elisabetta Antonini voice, Guillermo Edoardo Garcia Vargas guitar, Alessandro Gwis piano, Andrea Avena bass, Gianni Di Renzo drums

Social Call brings together musicians of jazz origin, for the first time together to export an all Italian project. Songs from the chamber and Mediterranean traits alternate with compositions with mainstream accents of both traditional and contemporary jazz, all predominantly original and signed by the vocalist Elisabetta Antonini (Top Jazz 2014) who in his discographic works, such as “A Minute After” with the Oregon oboeist Paul McCandless and directed precisely with Alessandro Gwis on the piano and “The Beat Goes On – Hommage to the Beat Generation”, combines in a creative and refined way his European compositive sensitivity, of literary inspiration, with rhythms and atmospheres beyond the ocean.

Italian Jazz on the Road 3-ottobre
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