Jamming 2011 the Saint Louis College of Music celebrates its thirty-fifth year of activity with a very young review. In co-production with the Fondazione Musica per Roma and with the support of the Province of Rome.

Jammin’ year 2011 will host 14 formations of outstanding musicians, authors, composers and performers of excellence, horses of race of the scuderia Saint Louis, a true Centre of Artistic Production that promotes in the world of work, through discographic productions and concerts throughout Italy, the best talents of modern music coming from the professional school of Saint Louis.
To share the stage of the Jammin’ year 2011 the new proposals of jazz music and pop author.

Artists of international breathe like Gianluca PETRELLA, Fabrizio BOSSO, Marcello ROSA e Javier GIROTTO. Jammin’ year 2011 is a window into the music world of today and tomorrow and offers a broad view of the new trends in contemporary music.

All the young performers involved have their own upcoming record project with the two labels of Saint Louis, Jazz Collection and Urban 49. On the occasion of its thirty-fifth year of activity, the Saint Louis publishes an exceptional photographic book, by Adriano Mazzoletti, “L’Italia del Jazz”, which traces the history of Italian jazz from the end of the 19th century to the present day, with unpublished images from his extraordinary personal archive.

Jammin’ year 2011, will participate in the presentation alongside Adriano, Piero Angela, Enrico Pieranunzi, Marcello Rosa, Stefano Mastruzzi.


The Concerts

12 September

Davide Di Lecce
Special guest Stefano Sabatini

Davide Di Lecce – voice, Livia Ferri – choir, Valentina Bausi – chorus, Federica Fruscella – choirs, Valerio Ciccarelli – piano, Francesco Fioravanti – guitar, Luca Amendola – bass, Carlo Montuoro – drums, Stefano Sabatini – piano

He presents at the Jamming 2011 with pure Salentina passion in his music and in his artistic project, the result of the mixture between the traditional Italian song and the typical sounds of black music.

Livia Ferri & The Beautiful Losers
Special guest Lello Panico

Livia Ferri – voice and guitar, Daniele Marcante – guitar, Francesco Luzzio – bass, Alessandro Cinelli – drums

Guitarist in the first place and singer for the need to give voice to her musical thinking, Livia Ferri surprises for the naturalness, the simplicity of communication, the lightness and the sophistication of the style in a context decisively rock and blues, which from America mutual a stylistic figure of starting made the tool of a story entirely personal.


Valentina Ciaffaglione, voice; Jacopo Barbato, electric guitar; Nunzio Ferro, acoustic guitar; Luca Bernardini, keyboard; Andrea Romanazzo, bass; Fausto Casara, drums; Irene Angelini, choir


13 September

Atome Primitif

Azzurra Giorgi – voice, Clelia Patrono – guitar and programming, Giacomo Ferrera – bass, Claudio Cicchetti – drums, Special guest: FABRIZIO BOSSO – trumpet

The signature is French, the texts speak English and the formation is Roman: However, eclecticism does not lack this band, which does not hide its traces even in the eleven episodes that make up this first work they present at Jamming 2011, ‘Three years three days’ (etichetta Urban49; distribuzione Halidon).

The title is a double reference to the stage of pregnancy and the record time of recording in the studio; with the words of the same singer Azzurra Giorgi – a voice to the white heat – “three years find their synthesis in three days”. It moves on a musical territory tendingly alternative, but with the right debt to electronics: the result is a warm, wrapping dough. Fabrizio Papitto


Marta Capponi 6tet
“In a Moment”

Marta Capponi – voice,, Marco Bonini – guitar, Mario Nappi – piano and fender rhodes, Riccardo Gola – bass, Emiliano Caroselli – drums, Dario Zema – percussion

Young vocalist and composer, Marta Capponi you make your way into the world of jazz by studying with the most important names of the Italian and international landscape and collaborating with numerous musicians and big bands performing at the most prestigious festivals such as “Umbria Jazz”, “Festival dei Due Mondi” of Spoleto, “F Festival di Ravello”; She has numerous collaborations with recording and soon to release her first work as a soloist and composer.
The project that she presents with her 6tet, “In a Moment”, is in the words of Marta herself “untouchable essence, full of everything and nothing, impossible to enclose in a concept, because it is impossible to be one thing”.
The varied music of this young composer has the taste of freedom and the curiosity of another place, the journey, the sharing, the emotion, the rhythm that bursts every moment.

14 September

Lala/Mangiaracina 4tet “Pure Songs”

Laura Lala – voice, Sade Mangiaracina – piano, Giacomo Buffa – bass, Alessandro Marzi – drums Special guest: JAVIER GIROTTO

Pure Songs is a project born out of a love for the communicative and emotional power of a melody, whether it comes from jazz or from the vast and varied heritage of listening that each of us accumulates and cherishes over the years. The music of Pure Songs is the source of inspiration for the writing of the lyrics, which are therefore closely linked to them, depend on them and are the result of them.

Lala - Mangiaracina

Marco De Gennaro Jazz Project
Special guest JAVIER GIROTTO

Marco De Gennaro – piano, Giuseppe Grimaldi – bass, Daniele De Novellis – drums, Pasquale Di Lascio – percussion, Javier Girotto – sax

Marco De Gennaro pianist and composer, young talent Salernitano. In his musical education, both classical and jazz, he always stands out for talent and originality, so much to be awarded prestigious scholarships, the last of all that of Umbria Jazz for the Berklee College of Music. With his “jazz project” you propose songs of Latin orientation, rhythm and energy in the pure state.


15 September

Disc Presentation “The beginning of a love affair”

Bruno Salicone – piano, Francesco Galatro – bass, Armando Luongo – drums

Formation originally from the province of Salerno, at the Jamming 2011 the Hipocontrio stands out from the first listening for the great affection and excellent interplay, born from the assiduous musical attendance of the three young musicians, gathered under the bizarre name of the group for more than five years. Original and modern in the sound the songs proposed, present their first album – published by the label Jazz Collection – award of the international jazz competition European Jazz Contest.


Caterina Palazzi 4tet “Sudoku Killer”

Caterina Palazzi – bass, Danielle Di Maio – sax, Giacomo Ancillotto – guitar, Maurizio Chiavaro – drums, Gianluca Petrella – trombone

“Sudoku killer” (Zone di Musica), marks the recording debut as leader of the young Roman bassist Caterina Palazzi, who has been establishing itself on the Italian and French jazz scene for some years. She is often mentioned and appreciated as a new talent in the Italian musical landscape.
It comes out with an engaging and disturbing CD, cool atmospheres, harsh and bloody sounds, noir references, literary as well as musical journeys, a disc with which to read a text or put yourself in front of a sheet, and so on, to write, to annotate. A disc that starts from jazz to get contaminated with rock, avant and Mediterranean sound.

Jamming 2011, at the JAZZIT AWARD 2010 Caterina Palazzi was voted as best Italian composer, as fifth best Italian bassist, her album SUDOKU KILLER was named second best Italian album and her group fourth best Italian formation. In addition, on the TOP JAZZ 2010 she was noted among the best new talents.

16 September

Book presentation
“L’Italia del Jazz” by Adriano Mazzoletti

Saint Louis Big Band, Special guest MARCELLO ROSA

The Saint Louis Big Band directed by Antonio Solimene is an orchestral formation that fully respects the classical structure of the big band, characterized by its energy and performance freshness. The band, founded in September 2007, was chosen by several big players from the jazz scene (including Javier Girotto) to perform their own songs. On this occasion we find her accompanied by an Italian jazz lord, the trombonist Marcello Rosa, proposing in modern style his original songs composed in many years of honored career.

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