Jamming 2020 is the show promoted by the Saint Louis College of Music, dedicated to emerging artists and the discovery of new talents in every musical field.

The Festival, under the artistic direction of Stefano Mastruzzi and Francesca Gregori, over the past 18 years has promoted international experimentation and the best emerging Italian artists, giving space to the most varied musical offer of multiverse sound.

Special Guest of Jammin’ year 2020: Saturnino, Gianluca Petrella, Michele Papadia, Serena Brancale, Federico Malaman, Maurizio Giammarco, Fabrizio Sferra, Pierpaolo Principato, Luca Bulgarelli, Daniele Pomo, Dario Giacovelli and Luca Proietti.

13 evenings, from 2 to 23 September, hosted in different outdoor locations:
Alcazar Summer Terrazza del Gianicolo, Casa del Jazz, Monk Club

Jammin’ year 2020 “18 years of Jammin’, artistic maturity uncovered between mutual interactions, nights transfigured like paintings of an exhibition, sound illustrations, impressionist insights.
The Muse are daughters of the Mnemosine memory, of which they feed without ever remaining nostalgic prey, free of any reverential fear, pure becoming.

Why is Jazz, where is Pop, what is Nu-Soul, for whom is Hip Hop? No artist should ever remain bound to a single sterile category of gender, capable only of identifying the shelves, regret forgetting or, worse, indifference”.

Stefano Mastruzzi:
Artistic Director Jammin’


The Concerts

2 September

“Pandeiros” feat. Luca Bulgarelli

Luca Bulgarelli – Bass, Camilla Croci – Voice, Domino Spada – Vocal, Claudia Tagliacozzo – Piano, Raul Balardin – Guitar, Lorenzo Lustri – Drums.

Pandeiros is the name of the ensemble music group of the Saint Louis College of Music direct that appears at Jamming 2020 and coordinated by the bassist Luca Bulgarelli and formed by Claudia Tagliacozzo on the piano, Raul Balardin on the guitar, Lorenzo Lustri on the drums, Camilla Croci and Domino Spada on the voices.
Latin music and jazz music are the main ingredients of the group which reviews songs from the past and present of great composers such as A.C. Jobim, Pat Metheny and others.


7 September

“Porta Portese”
directed by Dario Giacovelli

Dario Giacovelli bass, production, artistic direction, Sara Sbaragli voice, Francesco Sacchini voice, Emily Lara voice, Martina Lucignano piano/keyboard, Davide Conti guitar, Pietro Valeri guitar, Giacomo Carcano drums/production.

At Jamming 2020 the group “Porta Portese” is born in the walls of the Saint Louis College of Music, during the hours of an unprecedented music workshop curated by M. Dario Giacovelli.
The harmony between the components and the teacher, the desire to create an original Italian musical product and the motivational and artistic impetus made it possible to move from a music laboratory to a genuine collective with the aim of publishing a first EP of unpublished songs.
The experimentation in writing and arrangement, as well as the production of the songs, exalts the peculiarity of the project that comes to light by sharing different experiences, aimed at the construction of a single sound that is the expression of all individual members, reaching its original and distinct figure.

8 September

Finish Selections
for the Scholarship “Giorgia Mileto”

Final evening that has declared the winners of the Scholarship “Giorgia Mileto”. The finalist candidates contested with a live exhibition the 3 integral scholarships that allowed meritorious students to attend the academic courses of the I and II level of the Saint Louis College of Music.
The candidates were accompanied on stage by:

Michele Papadia at the piano
Dario Giacovelli at the bottom
Daniele Chiantese on drums

Press office since 2002, Giorgia Mileto has been dedicated and passionate about organizing the teaching, musical events and all the activities of Saint Louis, deeply involved in the growth not only of the AFAM Institute, but also of the many students who have attended it over the years, accompanying them from the first steps on the stage and supporting them in their professional growth.
Therefore, Saint Louis, in agreement with the Mileto family, believes that the best way to remember the dear friend and colleague Giorgia is to reward the talent and dedication to the music of young musicians, promoting the institution of scholarships.
The funds were raised through donations from friends, musicians and family members of Georgia and from Saint Louis himself who doubled the amount to extend the opportunity to more deserving students.


9 September


Francesco Sacchini voce, Margherita Flore Piano/Tastiere, Corrado Filiputti Chitarra, Mattia Lotini Chitarra, Alessio Lima Basso, Claudio Laguardia batteria, Davide Savarese percussioni.

At Jamming 2020, Francesco Sacchini’s soloist is born after years in various formations and artistic collaborations with different ways of writing and multiple live experiences.
A central role is played by Margherita Flore and Corrado Filiputti who deal with the arrangements and production, writing together with Francesco Sacchini most of the songs.
The variety of the repertoire highlights the plurality of confluent influences in this project which represents a receptacle of what the artist has experienced so far, leaving room for curiosity and experimentation.

23 September


Flaminia Lobianco – Voice and loop, Federico Murgia – Guitar, Emanuele Bono – Keyboard, Aurelio Tarabella – Bass, Luca Taurmino – Battery, Daniele Ferreri – Sound Engineer

At the Jamming 2020 the Highatta are a musical reality born in 2018 between the walls of the Bdr Studio from an idea of Federico Murgia and Daniele Ferreri with the intention to revisit in modern key the sound of swing and jazz through the use of drum machine and loop station. Playing without predefined structures and freely expressing your musical thoughts are the basic rules of their music. Over time, improvisation has created a repertoire predominantly new soul/jazz/funky, both instrumental and enriched by melodies and vocals.


Concerts at the House of Jazz


13 September

“Via urbana 49” SAINT LOUIS D.O.C.
Feat. Special Guest Michele Papadia & Serena Brancale

Michele Kraisky guitar, Dario Marcello guitar, Luca Bellanova guitar, Daniel Mastrovito keyboard, Francesca Pugliese voice, Francesco Angiolini bacteria, Special Guest Michele Papadia & Serena Brancale.

Two Pulians in Rome, Serena Brancale and Michele Papadia. A hybrid production where the Italian matrix wears Black. “Via Urbana 49” is the place of a large Family that embraces children of different generations. From Vasco Rossi to Daniele Silvestri, the South plays the Soul with all the Italianity.

14 September

“Quartetto Della Gatta”
Special Guest Gianluca Petrella

Guido Della Gatta guitar, Gianluca Massetti piano, Aldo Capasso bass, Michele Santoleri drums, Special Guest Gianloca Petrella.

At Jamming 2020 the Quartetto della Gatta is a formation born in 2019 and composed of Guido della Gata on guitar, Michele Santoleri on drums, Aldo Capasso on bass and Gianluca Massetti on piano. The passion for writing has always played a fundamental role in the journey of musical and personal research. The influences of the compositions are to be researched in a type of jazz that mixes tradition with more modern styles and sounding, the background funk-blues with the more traditional one and the inevitable sounding of partenopea root, creating a varied sound and composition world. Many are the artists of inspiration from John Scofield to Julian Lage, from Bill Frisell to Lionel Loueke and Nir Felder.


15 September

Special Guest Saturnino

Frank Cara guitar, Lucio Mastroianni guitar, Pietro Venza guitar, Roberto Sanguigni bass, Bernardino Ponzani drums, Special Guest Saturnino.

An extraordinary ensemble formed by the famous bassist Saturnino and the talented young musicians, students of the Biennium of specialization II level in Popular music of the Saint Louis College of Music.

16 September

Fabrizio Cucco “For a Brief Moment”
feat. Pierpaolo Principato, Maurizio Giammarco, Fabrizio Sferra

Fabrizio Cucco bass, Maurizio Giammarco sax, Pierpaolo Principato piano, Fabrizio Sferra drums.

“For a Brief Moment” (Camilla Records, 2020), presentation of the first recording work by Fabrizio Cucco, made with Maurizio Giammarco in sax, Pierpaolo Principato in piano and Roberto Gatto in drums. On the occasion of the live, the bassist and composer Fabrizio Cucco will be accompanied to the drums by Fabricio Sferra.


The Concerts at the Monk Club


17 September

Special Guest Federico Malaman

Egidio Salinaro guitar, Luca Lavorgna guitar, Giorgio Leone guitar, Leonardo Pruneti keyboards, Bernardino Ponzani drums, Special Guest: Federico Malaman bass.

An unprecedented quintet composed by the famous bassist Federico Malaman and four talented young musicians, students of the Saint Louis Biennium in Jazz & Popular music.

18 September

“Roundabouts” Resident Prog Band
feat. Daniele Pomo

Daniele Pomo drums, Adriano Meliffi voice, Giuseppe Negri guitar, Raffaele Borgi guitar, Giacomo Tagliaventi keyboards, Vittorio Pagano bass.

The Resident Prog Band “Roundabouts” was born in 2018 with the intention of collecting the most important pages of “Rock Progressivo”, which has always been a reference style for every avant-garde and musical and conceptual experimentation.
A “Book of Prog” that collects the most representative authors of the verb “Progressive”: From the British classics Genesis, Yes and King Crimson to the Canadian Rush, pioneers of Metal Prog, from the contemporaries and Neo-Prog Porcupine Tree to the Italian anthology Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.
To coordinate the project Daniele Pomo, drummer, composer and singer of the Ranestrane, a reference band of contemporary Italian Progressive, with which he has produced eight albums and collected international collaborations and tours in Europe and Japan.
But among the rows of the “Roundabouts” we find above all the “Best Progressive Youth” of the Saint Louis College of Music, to demonstrate that the visionary utopia of the Prog is alive and present even today and in the new generations.

roundabouts - Daniele-Pomo

19 September


Daniel Ventura sax tenor, Eric Stefan Miele soprano saxon, Anna Bielli electric guitar, Andrea Spiridigliozzi electric guitars, Marcello Tirelli keyboards, Simone Ndiaye electric bass, Luca Libonati drums.

In the solid and branched tree of contemporary music, at Jamming 2020 the Treetops are proposed, they become performers of a modern instrumental research that welcomes funk, jazz, rock, written music and improvisation. With roots well planted in respect of tradition, they always try to question themselves, finding their original direction.

20 September

“Synth Louis Ensemble”
directed by Luca Proietti

Filippo Vannettelli Tosti – Guitar Synth, Valentina Ramunno – Synth, Matteo Bussotti –, Electronic Percussion, Pasquale Lo Zito – Sound Design, Silvia Giudici – Voice, Rita Negrini – Voice & Vocoder, Marco Basile – Synth, Flavio Ferranti – Synth Bass, Matteo Panini – Synth.

Synth Louis Ensemble was born as a tribute to electronic music, to synthesizers and more generally to electronic musical instruments in all their forms.
The repertoire ranges from classical songs revisited in electronic form, in a sort of tribute to Wendy Carlos and her “Switched On Bach” – the album that made many appreciate the synthesizer as a musical instrument in all respects – to original compositions close to the most current trends, passing by songs of pop style, also revised in electronic format.
Project coordinator Synth Louis is Luca Proietti: “One of the main purposes of this ensemble is to highlight the played part, often little present in many performances of electronic music”

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