The electric jazz of Lorenzo Feliciati

“KAMAYAN” is the new electric jazz album by Lorenzo Feliciati, Kristian Terzić and Daniele Chiantese, released on March 1, 2024 by Camilla Records, a record series of the Saint Louis Production label.

Luigi Viva, author of biographies of Pat Metheny and Fabrizio De André, introduces his new record work this way:

Lorenzo Feliciati, in recent years, has produced a series of outstanding albums blending the language of rock with jazz and contemporary music, always availing himself of traveling companions of the highest caliber (Cuong Vu, Chad Wackerman, Steve Jansen, Pat Mastelotto, Bill Laswell, etc.).

On this occasion Feliciati chooses the trio formula, joined by drummer Daniele Chiantese and pianist and keyboardist Kristian Terzić. The result is almost a declaration of love for a genre, electric jazz, which, thanks to bands such as Weather Report, Pat Metheny Group and YellowJackets, has entered everyone’s heart.

Kamayan’s songs are all composed by Feliciati, except for “A Journey’s End” and “Maybe/Someday” by Terzić, reveal a happy compositional vein and a melodic taste at once immediate and never obvious. The bass lines set up the melodies on which Terzić is at his best, unfolding a sampler of harmonic progressions and enviable sonorities. The Croatian keyboardist, who has been accustomed to overseas acquaintances for years (Simon Philips, Giulio Carmassi, Mike Miller), had already showcased his talent on the first solo album. Daniele Chiantese‘s contribution is not to be outdone; his drums outline the work of his companions, using with equal skill crash and ride, fundamental in this kind of music.

Notable contributions from the three guests starting with saxophonist Gianni Vancini who plays on the opening track “The Two Sides of a Coin,” a sort of conjunction between the rock-prog world and jazz.

Singer Desirée Petrocchi in “Maybe/Someday” expertly retraces vocal techniques dear to Milton Nascimento, while percussionist Martin Verdonk (Prince, Steve Winwood, WDR Big Band), enriches “Maybe/ Someday,” “Fortunately” and “A Journey’s End” with his percussion.

Exciting to say the least is listening to “Wonderland”; here Feliciati, with touching fretless melodic lines, allows Kristian Terzić to soar high in homage to Lyle Mays.
Kamayan in all the pieces, the interplay between the three musicians portends new and exciting scenarios starting with live performances. A quality album, played great and above all clear, honest, lovingly crafted music.

Camilla Records is the record label series produced by Saint Louis Music Production dedicated to special projects; run by faculty and students, Camilla Records constitutes a creative and productive hub dedicated to the promotion of creativity without compromise, without the pursuit of consensus at all costs.

Kamayan lelectric jazz di Feliciati

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