Jamming 2023 is the show promoted by the Saint Louis College of Music, dedicated to emerging artists and the discovery of new talents in every musical field.

Coming to its 20th edition, the Festival, with the artistic direction of Stefano Mastruzzi and Francesca Gregori, over the last twenty years has promoted the experimentation at the international level and the best emerging Italian artists, giving room to the most varied musical offer of multi-version sounds. Javier Girotto and Natalio Mangalavite will be the Special Guest of the 2022 edition of Jammin’, three nights of concerts – September 14, 15 and 16 – on the stage of the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Jamming edizione 2023

The Concerts

14 September

Michele Frascà’ presents “ALMA”
Special Guest Javier Girotto & Natalio Mangalavite

Michele Frascá Guitar & voice, Sofia Ara Sax&Flutes, Emanuele Guarnieri Piano, Marco Amarelli Basso, Marco Motta Batteria, Lorenzo Gurini Percussioni, Adriana Marinucci Viola, Giulia Anita Bari Violino, Susanna Rubi Garcia Violoncello, Carla Mulas Violino.

At Jamming 2023 they present the record project “Alma”, released for the label of Saint Louis “Camilla Records”, is the fruit of the work of a “young” life. Michele Frascá, guitarist and leader of the Romanian ethno-jazz band, began composing the first tracks of the debut album at the age of sixteen. In November 2022 he entered the recording studio with the arrangements written by his fist. He writes for the archery quartet a ballad, “Aliz” and “Once”, the most jazzistic song of the project. The songs like and have the particular attention of two giants of Latin Jazz in Italy: Javier Girotto and Natalio Mangalavite. On November 14 the group entered the studio and with the active collaboration of Mangalavite as artistic director and Girotto al Sax, “ALMA” was born.


Alice Favaro

Alice Favaro voice, Lucrezia Blunda, Laura Pilloni voices, Yuri Nicolini guitar, EJ Jacinto keyboard, Marco Gallo bass, Andrea Pellegrino drummer.

Since Jamming 2023 Alice Favaro is constantly looking for new sounds, ideas and words that together can tell emotions, to be able to share them and revive them in music. “To this day for me music is like chamomile, it calms me, warms me and brings me home.”

Paolo Fantoni

Paolo Fantoni voice and guitar, Alessandro Recanati guitar and keyboard, Guglielmo Molino bass, Sara Coll Backing vocals, Marco Antonelli drums.

Paolo Fantoni releases his first album entitled “Giorno Nuovo” in 2021. The album, produced by Livio Magnini (Bluvertigo), was anticipated by three singles and distributed by Warner Music. The following year comes out the live session of the song “Tempo”, arranged for a quintet of arches by Alessandro Recanati with whom he collaborates on the production of the second album.

11 October | Casa del Jazz


Giulio Bozzo drum, Pietro Serafini guitar, Simone Mitjans keyboard, Daniele Siracusa drums.

Atmospheric sounds, extended melodies, broad accords and spacious rhythms are the characteristics of the sound of the Anunnaki, quartet formed in the province of Latina in September 2022. The corpus sounds “travel” through a highlighted dynamic excursion, which through storms of dishes and electronic elements in contrast to the naturalness of the trumpet and the saturation of the distorted guitar find life until they reach the maximum of the voltage. At the base of the project is the desire to reach and explore through music a metaphysical world approaching a completely experimental reality, hence the meaning of the name Anunnaki. The thematic parts are simple and linear, but the focus of the compositions lies in the improvisational part where a strong taste for the contemporary emerges.


Alessandro Iachini Quartet

Alessandro Iachini guitar, Giuseppe Sacchi piano, Emanuele Macculi bass, Sergio Mazzini drums.

The quartet starts with a careful research on the timbre and sound aspect, then find the right inspiration in the improvisational and interplay aspects.

Edoardo Lupo Trio

Edoardo Lupo piano, Ludovico Aru bass, Thomas Perrone drums.

At Jamming 2023 they present the project that is born in January 2023, with the intention of writing original compositions drawing inspiration from the sounds of European jazz, such as the E.S.T., but there are also other sources of inspiration such as “Time Remembered” by Bill Evans. All songs are composed by Edoardo Lupo. In the trio’s repertoire, “S.T.O.M.P” is the only one that does not follow the composition scheme of the other tracks and finds its roots in the sound of John Scofield’s fusion music of the 80’s.

12 October | Casa del Jazz

Transient Gemini

Silvia Olivier piano, Gianluca Bonetti electric bass, Diego Carrubba Forte drums.

Transient Gemini are born from the soloism of Silvia Olivier (pian/rhodes) who inspired Diego Carrubba Forte (drums) after the release in 2021 of the first solo piano album Gemini for Camilla Records. From there their collaboration is affirmed by exploring the polymetric and polyrhythmic nuances of the pianistic compositions; a year later he joins the Gianluca Bonetti project on the electric bass that, giving lyricism and groove, will give birth to the piano jazz crossover trio called “Transient Gemini”.
The mixture of genres that inspired the three components of the trio means that the original compositions are rooted in contemporary jazz as well as in progressive rock. Artists such as Hiromi, Tigran Hamasyan, the Gogo Penguin, Avishai Cohen, Mark Guiliana, Mark Lettieri, Pat Metheny, Aaron Parks, Ari Hoenig, the Immortal Onion, the Glass Museum, the E.S.T., Brad Mehldau, inspire the inner child of each of the Transient Gemini.


Third Division

Roberto Iadanza – piano, Gianfranco De Lisi – bass, Fabrizio Ferrazzoli – drums.

Third Division is a fascinating musical journey that combines different and seemingly distant influences in a unique and engaging stylistic language. This musical project is embedded in a deep passion for jazz, which is the root and inspiration for exploring new compositive and performative horizons.
The trio represents the ideal form of communication to express the artistic vision of the members of the group, collaborating in perfect harmony and creating a musical synergy that manifests itself in a homogeneous and fluid way. This collaboration translates into a sound product that is at the same time bold and subtle, complex and accessible.
The style of the trio springs from modern jazz sounds, exploring new creative paths and incorporating contemporary and innovative elements, constantly challenging the limits of their own creativity.

13 October | Casa del Jazz

Urban 49


Claudio Clementi

Claudio Clementi is a Roman composer and musician. It starts with the first single “Apnea”, in 2020 in full pandemic. He began to get noticed and acquainted with his solo project. Between 2021 and 2022 he releases two more singles, “Supernova” and “Survivere”, indie/rock tracks that lead him to a sound rich in synth and electric guitars. In April 2023, it is released for the label Urban49 of Saint Louis College Of Music, the song “Equilibristi” confirming the sound undertaken and all the influences received from the Italian and international musical landscape, with autobiographical and introspective lyrics.


Lukasz Wolski

Lukasz Wolski is a Polish singer and composer, who moved to Rome to complete his education with Serena Brancale at the Saint Louis College of Music. After graduating, he dedicated himself to his compositions, publishing the single “Escape” for Urban49 and live performances with the Sienna Gospel Choir.


Moonly voice, piano/keyboard, Lorenzo Reggio guitar, Francesco D’Aloia piano and keyboard, Guglielmo Molino electric bass, Alessandro Anselmi drums.

The Moonly project is born in 2019, with sound research and writing of soul/jazz tracks. Born on Monday, with the mood swinging like a pendulum and the head increasingly a little higher, Moonly composes and arranges her songs. Each song reflects an aspect of life and experience lived in the first person, always putting in the center the expression of feelings, thoughts and mood. The genre is predominantly Jazz/Soul/R&B, alternating with Pop sounds. He released his new single “Naive” in May 2023 for the SubUrban label of the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

Natalia Meyer

Al Jamming 2023 Natalia Meyer cantautrice uruguaiana. He lived between Montevideo, Sicily, Rome and Madrid, trying to enrich his musical knowledge on the traditional music of the world. Always with his mancina guitar, he toured the world with the Tango Criollo orchestra called Flirtango, which brought tango to every corner of Italy, and then to Argentina, Uruguay, Beirut and Hong Kong. After this experience in the world of tango and the Rioplatense milonga, he devotes himself to writing pop songs with elements of electronic music, enriched by a renewed and contemporary vocal interpretation. In March 2023 he released his first single with Urban49 “El Caos De Lugar”.


Sils is the project of Silvia Iannacci, songwriter class ’96. It has always been divided between different instruments such as drums, guitars, piano and voice. He began writing his first songs at the age of 15 exclusively in English and then approached Italian in the last two years. After years of live and concert as a busker, he starts working on his new electronic pop project. In March 2023 she released her first single “MANIFESTO” followed by “AQUILONE”, in June 2023. The live training is very minimal and in electronic key: with the use of Ableton Live, synthesizers and voice effects. On stage sils will be accompanied by its producers to live play the sound and development of the songs made in the studio.

Silvia Olivier

Silvia Olivier, class ’99. In the early years of life she approaches the piano which is for her not only a means of expression, but also an inseparable companion with which to grow up. In the music of Silvia Olivier we can find the classical component, the point from which she started, united with multiple musical genres that influenced her. The constant search for language of expression, through the study of various styles, make the whole can be destined to film scenes. In June 2021 he released his debut album Gemini for Camilla Records. In March 2023 Amedeo – Live session is released with dedicated to his Master Amadeo Tommasi, also published by Camilla Records.

14 October | Casa del Jazz

Four Winds

Xuzhi Chen sax, Giuseppe Sacchi piano, Great Mudiare bass, Daniel Besthorn drums.

Four Winds is the meeting of Daniel Besthorn, Great Mudiare, Giuseppe Sacchi and Xuzhi Chen. Coming from Germany, Africa, Asia and Italy, respectively, they met for the first time in Rome at Saint Louis, giving birth to the Four Winds quartet in March 2022. Since then, they have played in various clubs and shows in the capital, developing a series of original tracks, all born spontaneously during the studio sessions. The name of the quartet reflects the desire to merge all their different cultures and traditions into a cohesive sound, respecting the same spirit of union and contamination that characterized the birth and development of Jazz.


John Stowell Special Guest & Saint Louis D.O.C.

John Stowell, an American jazz guitarist and composer, known for his duo with bassist David Friesne with whom he toured the world for over 30 years, and for having collaborated with music sites such as Uwe Kropinski, Dave Liebman, David Becker and others, will come on stage with Saint Louis D.O.C., a young formation of the best pupils of the Biennium Jazz of the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, in an intergenerational encounter of unpredictable events.

17 October | L’Asino che vola


Ephemeral are a Progressive group born in Rome and are proposing to Jamming 2023, composed of Arianna De Lucrezia on bass and voice, Gabriele Catania on keyboards, Emanuel D’Orazio on guitar and Matteo Morini on drums. Despite their very young age, the Ephemeral already boast excellent collaborations, also internationally (endorsement di Ian Anderson dei Jethro Tull)
Since its inception, the band has attracted the interest of artists, including Ernesto Assante, starting an intense concert activity and signing with Elevate Records and producer Fabio Lanciotti. (Banco, Balletto di Bronzo, etc). The debut album “Guiding Ghost” is on all platforms from May 2022, while the second album is in the process of recording.


Emanuele Semeraro

Emanuele Semeraro guitar soloist, Pierpaolo Rullo rhythmic guitar, Edoardo De Vincentis bass, Luca Rubbé drums.

The original instrumental band, in which the style of the shred guitarists fuses with the sound of modern metal, in a virtuosistic and complex style that involves both guitars as well as bass and drums, are proposed at Jamming 2023.

Valerio Agulini Trio

Valerio Agulini guitar, Leonardo Fortini bass, Angelo Camasso drums.

The Valerio Agulini Trio is an unprecedented project born with the objective of converting into music the sensations and emotions aroused by experiences experienced in the first person. For the live realization of the project, Valerio used the help of Angelo Camasso (drums) and Leonardo Fortini (bass), who were able to enhance the different compositions with their characteristic “sound”.

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