Odio l’estate

Kicking off Odio l’estate 2011 the Villa Carpegna festival for a month of concerts among big names and young promises, with a program ranging from jazz to blues, from art music to popular music. And many events with free admission.

In the green park of Villa Carpegna’s park, the summer event Odio l’Estate begins: a month of music with more than 50 concertsfor a festival whose protagonists are renowned names in jazz, blues, auteur and popular music. On stage for the Estate Romana event are Italian and international musicians along with more than 100 youngsters from the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, involved in opening concerts or alongside their more established colleagues.

I hate summer festival Villa Carpegna is hosting 6 different festivals this year, with 20 free concerts. Numerous original productions, with artists brought together in new formations designed especially for the festival.

Odio l'estate

Cam Jazz Night

It starts on July 6 and 7 with Cam Jazz Night, curated by the jazz label, a partner and technical sponsor of the festival, which stands out for the sophistication of its offerings. Among others, two exclusive evenings featuring the latest productions by avant-garde Scandinavian jazz artists and young Fulvio Sigurtà’s quintet.

Roma Jazz’s Cool

July 10-18 is the turn of Rome Jazz’s Cool. Also on the calendar are three evenings with Roman pianist Enrico Pieranunzi, in a duo with Danilo Perez, with the trio John Patitucci and Joe La Barbera, and with a star-studded quintet: Rosario Giuliani, Flavio Boltro, Dedè Ceccarelli and John Patitucci.

A strip of fertile land

July 26-30 sees the return of A Fruitful Strip of Land, the 14th edition of the Franco-Italian festival directed by Paolo Damiani and Armand Meignan, an example of prolific and enduring international collaboration.

Roma Tarantella Festival

It continues on July 8 and 9 with Roma Tarantella Festival, two evenings with six original orchestras from Calabria and Campania, featuring Mimmo Cavallaro & Taranproject feat. Bungaro and Carlo D’Angiò, Sciarabballo and many others under the artistic direction of Eugenio Bennato.

Saint Louis Blues Knights

And then, July 19-21, Saint Louis Blues Knights, the first-ever blues event at Villa Carpegna, with Roberto Ciotti‘s quintet and guitarist Lello Panico‘s international collaboration with singer and songwriter Tollak.

Odio l’estate

In the green park of Villa Carpegna’s park, the summer appointment with Odio l’Estate begins: a month of music with more than 50 concerts for a festival that boasts appealing protagonists in the world of jazz, blues, art and popular music. Both Italian and international musicians will perform on stage during the Roman Summer, accompanied by more than one hundred young talents from the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, involved in both opening performances and alongside their more established colleagues.

Cam Jazz Night


Joona Toivanen Trio “At My Side”

Arriving from Finland is one of the most unsettling and interesting trios of recent years in which the moods of Northern European memory of the last decade, the awareness of the overseas jazz tradition toward redefining the boundaries of the trio format are breathed in.

J.Toivanen – piano, T.Toivanen – bass, O.Louhivuori – drums, Dan Kinzelman “Goodbye Castle,” Fulvio Sigurtà – “House of Cards,” Sun Trio “Dreams Are True”


Dan Kinzelman “Goodbye Castle”

Unexpected solutions, a great sensitivity to improvisation and contamination between musical genres result in surprising, dynamic and energetic music. Through the use of unusual forms, voice and other instruments, “Goodbye Castle” escapes the jazz quartet mold, finding new spaces to explore as far as rock and electronics.

D.Kinzelman – tenor sax, clarinets, voice, A.Santimone – piano, J.Rehmer – bass, voice, S.Tamborrino – drums, voice


Sun Trio “Dreams Are True”

After the planetary success of their debut album “Time Is Now,” the Finnish group Sun Trio presents their new record work “Dreams are True.” Distinctive formation, original compositions, and a sound that stands out in the Scandinavian music scene.

O.Louhivuori – drums, A.Lötjönen – bass, K.Louhivuori – trumpet

Fulvio Sigurtà – “House of Cards”

Among the boot musicians Fulvio Sigurtà is among the most in demand. Unique sound his, a meticulous researcher and a thinking artist like few. Now is the time to appreciate the voice of an artist who, we are willing to bet, will become a major player in Italian jazz in a very short time.

F.Sigurtà – trumpet, electronics, A.Succi – sax, F.Casagrande – guitar, J.Rehmer – bass, J.Burgwinkel – drums, D.Kinzelman – tenor sax, clarinets, vocals, A.Santimone – piano, J.Rehmer – bass, vocals, S.Tamborrino – drums, vocals

Roma Jazz’s Cool

10 – 18 JULY



Twelve records under her belt with the prestigious Verve Records, the best pianist in Japan and acclaimed in the United States, Chihiro Yamanaka has emerged powerfully on the contemporary jazz scene. Swing, rhythm, fender rhodes, bossanova flavors scattered through the folds of his songs. An endless merry-go-round of never obvious, surprising musical solutions.

C.Yamanaka – piano, A.Vigorito – double bass, M.Salgarello – drums


One of the most talented young jazz musicians on the Roman scene, Gianluca Figliola presents his tunes. Remarkable for his great technical mastery, fluidity of phrasing and catchy melodicity of compositions, he is a promise that is sure to make waves.

G.Figliola – guitar, F.Cassarà – tenor sax, R.Heudron – piano, P.Scozzi – double bass, P.Mignosi – drums



Totally non-derivative, Sheila Jordan guest at Rome Jazz’s Cool jazz review is one of the very few jazz singers who deserve this appellationom and no other term could define her. Born in 1928, Sheila was greatly influenced by Charlie Parker and generally by musicians and soloists rather than singers. The accompanying trio is composed of very young talents from the Roman scene:

Enrico Zanisi, 19, on piano, Luca Fattorini, 23, double bass, Enrico Morello, 23, on drums


“Tribute to Michel Petrucciani.”
Pierpaolo Principato is an eclectic pianist who, thanks to his versatility, curiosity and innate adaptability, has successfully ranged in every field of music – jazz, pop, electric, ethnic, theater. He offers a tribute to the great pianist who passed away in ’99, whose intense and sunny musicality left a mark on many of us.

Pierpaolo Principato – piano, Stefano Nunzi – double bass, Alessandro Marzi – drums




Rome Jazz’s Cool jazz review. First appointment of the 3 evenings of carte blanche for the great pianist Enrico Pieranunzi, for many years a protagonist of the world jazz scene.

Pianist, composer, arranger, has recorded more than sixty CDs under his own name ranging from solo piano to trio, duo to quintet.

He is here accompanied by an exceptional lineup of world stature (Flavio Boltro on trumpet, Rosario Giuliani on sax, John Patitucci on bass, Dedé Ceccarelli on drums) to reinterpret songs from the “Live at Birdland” album published by CAMJazz.

An album in which Pieranunzi returns to surprise, suddenly heading into new and unexplored territories, being seduced by South American charm, interpreting Latin music with his own unquestionable creativity.

featuring JOE LA BARBERA

It dates back to 2009 the beginning of the collaboration between virtuoso saxophonist Rosario Giuliani and prized American drummer Joe La Barbera, which culminated last year in the release of “Lennie’s Pennie’s” album for Dreyfus Jazz.

Born in New York to a family of Italian origin, specifically from the province of Palermo, Joe La Barbera boasts prestigious collaborations with Jim Hall, Phil Woods, Art Farmer, Gary Burton, Art Pepper, John Scofield, Bob Brookmeyer and Toots Thielemans.

In 1978 he joined Bill Evans’ trio, in an edition that is remembered as one of the best of the great pianist’s various ensembles.




Two giants of the world piano face off in the second round at Roma Jazz’s Cool jazz review of the White Card to Enrico Pieranunzi: a challenge, a match, a 4-handed game, among Mediterranean, Latin and overseas influences.

Pianist and composer extraordinaire Danilo Perez is among the most influential and dynamic musicians of our time. In just over a decade, his original imprint of pan-American jazz (a mix of music of the Americas, folk, and world music) has attracted curious critics and an increasingly large and enthusiastic audience.

Danilo’s disruptive talent and enthusiasm make his concerts memorable and inspiring.


Last appointment with Enrico Pieranunzi, on stage tonight with a truly exceptional rhythmic ensemble, in the most inspired formation in jazz, the trio.

On double bass is John Patitucci, a musician originally from Brooklyn, New York, known to most for his long collaboration with Chick Corea, which began in 1985, winner of two Grammy Awards (one for music and one for composition) and fifteen other Grammy nominations.

On double bass is John Patitucci, a musician originally from Brooklyn, New York, known to most for his long collaboration with Chick Corea, which began in 1985, winner of two Grammy Awards (one for music and one for composition) and fifteen other Grammy nominations.

Enrico Pieranunzi – piano, John Patitucci – bass, Joe La Barbera – drums


feat.Francesco Bearzatti

An evening dedicated to contemporary and avant-garde jazz, featuring a quintet of talented young musicians alongside Francesco Bearzatti.

Saxophonist, clarinetist and composer, Francesco Bearzatti is a versatile artist, invaluable sessionman and leader of some of the most innovative groups of recent years. From rock to jazz to electronic music, his energy is amazing; a musical experience that is hard to forget.

Winner of the 2009 Top Jazz referendum held by Musica Jazz magazine, in 2010 “X (Suite for Malcolm)” was awarded “Best Record of the Year” in Top Jazz 2010 and Best Album in Italy by JazzitAward.

Francesco Bearzatti – Sax, Piero Delle Monache – sax, Alessandro Bravo – piano, Tito Mangialajo – bass, Alassandro Marzi – drums


A brilliant, precocious 6-string talent, Stefano Carbonelli impresses with sophisticated original compositions that lean heavily toward the avant-garde and experimental.

S.Carbonelli – guitar, G.Mascolo – piano, G.Cifani – fretless bass, A.Rizzuti – drums




Jazz marathon, 7 p.m. to midnight, featuring young talent and well-known international artists to close Jazz’s Cool summer seminars, 7th edition.

Participating will be 80 musicians from all over Europe and seminar teachers John Patitucci, Joe La Barbera, Lage Lund, Ramberto Ciammarughi, Anita Wardell and many others.


Final stage of the international jazz competition open to emerging ensembles from all over Europe and aimed at promoting new auteur jazz. The 7 finalists:

Shuvali – Netherlands, Eyes Shut Tight – England, Donald Simoen 4tet – Netherlands, Marco De Gennaro Jazz Project Italy, Benoit Berthe “Back” 4tet – France, Catville 5tet – Italy, Nido Workshop – Italy

Jury composed of:
Bruno Civello, Paolo Damiani, Adriano Mazzoletti, Pierpalo Principato, Antonio Solimene
Chaired and coordinated by: Franco Caroni and Stefano Mastruzzi

Saint Louis Blues Knights

19 – 21 JULY



Guitarist first and vocalist for the need to give voice to her own musical thought, Livia Ferri surprises with her naturalness, communicative simplicity, lightness and refinement of style in a decidedly rock and blues context.

L.Ferri – vocals and guitar, F.Luzzio – bass guitar, A.Cinelli – drums


Soul, blues, funk and jazz in an exceedingly original and refined guise, the essential elements of the Italian-American quartet. “Blue Noise” was born from the meeting between guitarist and writer Lello Panico and harmonica player and vocalist Tollak, who, coming from different worlds, found themselves sharing the same musical universe and materializing it into an extraordinary artistic project.

Tollak Ollestad – vocals, harmonica and piano, Lello Panico – guitar, Francesco Puglisi – bass, Luca Trolli – drums



A glimpse of guitarist, arranger and composer Marco Rinalduzzi’s 40-year career. The project will soon become a double album for the Urban49 label that will boast such outstanding guests as Tullio De Piscopo, Roberto Gatto, Danilo Rea, Stefano Di Battista, Gegé Telesforo, Agostino Marangolo, Ellade Bandini, Fabio Pignatelli, Marco Siniscalco; and with the voices of Antonello Venditti, Amii Stewart, Alex Baroni, Mike Francis, Luca Jurman, the orchestra conducted by maestro Peppe Vessicchio and many others.

Marco Rinalduzzi – guitar and vocals, Emiliano Pari – piano and vocals, Franco Marinacci – sax, Marco D’Angelo – vocals, Frankie Lo Vecchio – vocals, Riccardo Rimaudo – vocals, Patrizio Sacco – bass, Marco Monaco – drums


A scratchy and powerful voice Ilenia’s, life and feeling in her words. Good Italian pop, rhythmic, catchy and engaging but also melodic and intense.

Ilenia Bianchi – vocals, Elena Allegri – backing vocals, Manuel Attardo – guitar, Mirko Volpe – guitar, Gigi Saletta – bass, Armando Croce – drums



Guitarist singer-songwriter Roberto Ciotti has made Italian blues history in a unique style rich in blues, rock, Latin, soul and melody.

As many as 14 records released, author of the soundtrack to Gabriele Salvatores’ Marrakech Express. His autobiographical book with an attached unplugged “Best of” album was released in 2007 by Castelvecchi publisher.

He presents his new work TROUBLES & DREAMS at Villa Carpegna. Line-up:

Roberto Ciotti – guitars and vocals, Fabiola Torresi – bass and backing vocals, Valter Detond – drums, Luciano Zanoni – keyboards, Flavinho Vargas Dos Santos – percussion

Odio l’estate

Part I | July 22/25


“Mind The Gap”

Guest at Odio l’estate, acclaimed by the public and critics as the best singer in the jazz sphere, and not only, of our country, Maria Pia De Vito comes to Villa Carpegna with a project with a strongly electric and rock soul, ready to trespass the genre at every change of beat.

“The gap is an unfilled space or interval, a break in continuity. It is a difference between two views, or situations. To fill it we have to make a quantum… quantum leap.

Move to another level of presence to oneself. By experiencing the gap, by observing it from the inside, creative tension is generated in that space.”

Maria Pia De Vito – vocals, Stefano Onorati – piano, Michele Rabbia – percussion, Luca Bulgarelli – bass, Walter Paoli – drums


A versatile and refined pianist, with a modern style but steeped in the best jazz tradition, Stefano Sabatini offers with his trio a repertoire consisting mainly of airy and singable original compositions, harmonically brilliant, but also capable of expressing robust or shadowy and introspective feelings.

The taste for melody, makes his music absolutely communicative and engaging.

Stefano Sabatini – piano, Luca Pirozzi – bass, Pietro Iodice – drums.


“A new beginning”

Few artists can reconcile sublime passionate vocals with enviable technique. Incredible and acclaimed soul man, Frank McComb is one of these few.

She has recorded and sung with many musical giants, including: Frankie Beverly & Maze, Teena Marie, Chaka Khan, Lalah Hathaway, Terri Lynn Carrington, Phyllis Hyman and Teddy Pendergrass, and even Prince.

Frank McComb – vocals, Roy Louis – guitar, Agnes Petkute – bass, Yoran Vroom – drums, Elmer Louis – percussion

Wasabi 4tet

Wasabi Quartet in I Hate Summer is a musical and artistic project based on the sonic relationship between individual instruments, engaged in timbral research that leaves room for the creativity of the project’s four members, extemporaneous creators who find their group balance over the course of the performance.

The quartet seeks simplicity of speech and expressive effectiveness by avoiding the most familiar solutions and operating within an essential and minimalist logic. The written parts are inspired by both African American jazz tradition and traditional Indian and Middle Eastern music, to which are added elements drawn from contemporary electronic music, Hip Hop and Jungle.

Timbrally, Wasabi goes beyond the sum of its components, offering an articulate instrumental universe composed of saxophones, flutes, synthesizers, guitar, electric bass, drums and small percussion, often filtered by electronics. The Group’s compositions are mostly original, except for a few covers of 90s rock-grunge bands used as material for improvisation.

Wasabi appeals to listeners of all kinds, proving interesting to experienced ears while also appealing to the general public.

Roberto Pedroni sax, Alex Stangoni guitar, Cristiano Da Ros bass, Andrea Quattrini drums



The jazz orchestra conducted by Maestro Antonio Solimene, in I Hate Summer distinguished for the energy and talent of its young musicians, meets tonight with Enrico Intra, internationally renowned Italian pianist, composer and conductor, who is also known for his work as an arranger and organizer of jazz festivals and reviews.

The originator of a new and strictly Afro-European approach to modern jazz, by the mid-1950s he was already considered one of Europe’s best pianists.

His songs have been interpreted by such talented artists as Severino Gazzelloni, Gerry Mulligan, and Chet Baker. He has collaborated with several renowned artists, including Francesco Guccini, Iva Zanicchi, Tullio De Piscopo, etc.

Category Composers and Arrangers
feat. Saint Louis Big Band

Finals of the section of the European Jazz Contest, an international jazz competition, reserved for composers and arrangers.
During this evening, the Saint Louis Big Band will perform the compositions and arrangements (to a signature Javier Girotto score) of the finalists. To the 2 winners, one in each category, the chance to see their work included on the next Big Band record


“Escenas Argentinas”

Escenas Argentinas is a project born from an idea of saxophonist Javier Girotto following his listening to some Argentine songs arranged for big band by an old friend of his from Cordoba, Gabriel Perez.

Thanks to the collaboration of Luigi Giannatempo, Javier was able to transform the original pieces of the project for orchestral ensemble.

Girotto’s compelling compositions, deeply imbued with the folk soul of his beautiful and troubled country, wear this new orchestral outfit with style.

In June 2009 Girotto met the Saint Louis Big Band on stage at the Auditorium during the Jammin’ Festival. Won over by the energy of the ensemble, he decided to entrust them with the performance of his Escenas, which will soon be transformed into a new album.

Odio l’estate

Part II | July 31 – August 5



Roberto Gatto, one of the most esteemed musicians on the world jazz scene, not only a drummer of great sensitivity but also an excellent musical organizer and band leader, does not hesitate to put himself on the line when faced with new ideas and takes up yet another challenge through this new trio project.

Co-starring are Alessandro Lanzoni and Gabriele Evangelista, two of the most interesting new talents to have emerged in Italy in recent years who are already on the road to a bright professional career.


A formation originally from the province of Salerno, Ipocontrio stands out from the first listen for its great fellowship and excellent interplay, born of the assiduous musical association of the three young musicians, who have been united under the group’s bizarre name for more than five years.

Original and modern in sound the songs offered, signed mostly by the double bassist, Francesco Galatro.



The rusty and intriguing vocal timbre of one of this year’s happy discoveries is the absolute star of this one performance: inspirational and sonically dense lyrics, a naturally engaging attitude on stage, and a visceral blues- and soul-influenced soul.

A singer-songwriter project, enriched by the refinement and wisdom of Luca Mannutza’s arrangements.

Filippo Tirincanti – guitar, vocals, Luca Mannutza – piano, Egidio Marchitelli – guitars, Francesco Puglisi – electric bass, Lorenzo Tucci – drums special guest: Fabrizio Bosso – trumpet


Pure Salento passion in his music and in his artistic project, which is the result of the mixture of traditional Italian song and typical black music sounds.

D.Di Lecce – vocals, L.Ferri – backing vocals, V.Bausi – backing vocals, F.Fruscella – backing vocals, V.Ciccarelli – piano, F.Fioravanti – acoustic guitar, L.Amendola – bass guitar, C.Montuoro – drums, D.Zema – percussion



Good story from Frankie & Canthina Band. Twenty years playing live in clubs all over Italy and often abroad leaving rivers of “Blood, Sweat & Tears” on those stages every night.

A wave of rhythm, whatever you want to call it: Funky, Soul, R&B, 70s ’80s Dance, Disco, Miami Sound, Philly Sound, etc. with 7 super professionals for two hours and more of live entertainment.

Frankie Lovecchio – vocalist, Massimo Idà – keyboards, Marcello Surace – drums, Fabio Sinigaglia – guitars, Marco Iannarilli – bass, Giancarlo Ciminelli – trumpet, Franco Marinacci – saxophone


“The Shining, The Cineconcert”

Live soundtrack of “The Shining,” surely one of the most important films in history, signed Stanley Kubrick, among the most acclaimed and innovative directors of the contemporary scene.

To tackle this masterpiece without “disturbing” the sound/image relationship, the choice fell on aggressive, psychedelic, “claustrophobic” music, always maintaining the song formula, the sudden changes and the continuous alternation of sung and instrumental parts, typical of RanestRane.

Daniele Pomo, vocals and drums, Maurizio Meo, bass, Massimo Pomo, guitar, Riccardo Romano, keyboards and programming


Heavily influenced by Northern European music, surreal and rarefied atmospheres, Maristella powerfully reveals an unexpected intimacy with harsh tenderness.

Maristella – vocals and piano, Marco La Fratta – guitar, Luca Amendola – bass, Alessandro Inolti – drums



The Triptik Organik project was born out of years of friendship and shared experiences by its 3 musicians. The repertoire consists of a reinterpretation of traditional Bop songs respectfully rearranged. The songs often color with Funk and Latin in unpredictable ways.

The slimness of the trio makes the interplay between the musicians one of the primary attractions of the show.

Umberto Fiorentino – guitar, Riccardo Ballerini – hammond, Claudio Mastracci – drums


A formation born within the Saint Louis School of Music in Rome, the quartet reworks the repertoire of the historic Yellow Jackets lineup with energy and skill.

Carlo Ferro – piano, Giacomo Ronconi – guitar, Antonio Pirrò – bass, Giuseppe Borrelli – drums


MarteLabel Night featuring
Roberto Dell’Era (bassist Afterhours)

Edited by MarteLive
Evening dedicated to the artists of the MarteLabel label.

International, sensual and romantic rock is the fil rouge of Roberto Dell’Era’s (Afterhours) summer tour anticipating the album “Colonna Sonora Originale” to be released this fall with MArteLabel.

A solo musical project, mixing creative experience related to film music and a natural inclination toward folk and electronic music. A perfect fusion of sounds, images and rhythms.

Like molten plasticine, it gives shape and warmth to the heart of those who know how to listen. A grunge sound, sometimes harsh, screaming anger and emotion.

Three Years Three Days

A production Urban 49
The signature is French, the lyrics speak English, and the lineup is Roman: eclecticism is not a fault of this band. It moves on a musical territory tendingly alternative, but with the right debt to electronics: the result is a warm, wrapping dough.

Azzurra Giorgi – vocals, Clelia Patrono – guitars, programming, Giacomo Ferrera – bass, Claudio Cicchetti – drums, Gianluca Mastronardi – keyboards

Roma Tarantella Festival

8 – 9 JULY



The Piccola Orchestra Canto d’Inizio was founded in 1975, favoring folk music from central and southern Italy in its repertoire. The songs offered in the concerts are the result, both of research carried out in the field, and of re-presentations of well-known songs from the Italian folk tradition.

Participation in major events is counted on the group’s resume. The repertoire includes songs from the Lazio living tradition such as the saltarello and ballarella still widespread and danced in many regions of central Italy (Lazio, Abbruzzo, Marche, Umbria), stornelli as well as other melodic songs. Also from the southern Italian repertoire are songs such as tarantelle and tammurriate. This is followed by pieces from the Apulian tradition and particularly from Gargano and Salento, with which the big chapter on Tarantismo opens.

The roots of tarantism go all the way back to the Middle Ages, the period in which the phenomenon was born. The bite of a small arachnid, the tarantula, transported the victim to non-ordinary states of consciousness, where the tarantula victim seemed possessed, manifesting motor hyperactivity, abdominal pain and generalized malaise that regressed completely after dancing, sometimes for several days, to the sound of the pizzica, a folk dance of Salento, performed mostly with guitar, violin, accordion and tambourine.

Edoardo Morello, battente guitar, mandola, mandolin, accordion, voice Vincenzo Barbalarga, accordion Luigi Toppi, guitar, mandoloncello, voice Stefano Todarello, classical guitar, acoustic, bagpipe, gaita, flutes, mandolin, voice Francesco Riggio, battente guitar, voice Bruno Rosati, percussion, effects Giorgio Crusafio, frame drums, vocals Andrea Grassi, frame drums, birimbao, effects Zahira Silvestri, frame drums, surdu Tiziano Zanarini, organetti, vocals Laura Bombelli, castanets,vocals Laura Riti, vocals Ilaria De Rosa, vocals Arianna Consoli, vocals Andrea Sgobba, violin Sergio Marini, bass Giovanni Tribuzio, lira Calabra, frame drums, zampogna a paru, accordion, vocals.


The Sciarabballo Company guest at the 2011 Roma Tarantella Festival offers moments of entertainment and animation with the most sanguine and fascinating dances of Central and Southern Italy and in respect of what is shared in tradition. The entertainment includes a wealth of folk instruments, clothing such as corsets and long, colorful skirts, foulards and castanets (wooden accessories that resemble castanets and in the hands of the dancers carry the rhythm of the sonata and ballad).

“Sciarabballo” is a term derived from the French char’a bancs, and denotes the bench wagon with wooden seats that was used in ancient times for the transportation and travel of people and goods and for pilgrimage to shrines laden with goods such as baskets, food, and musical instruments to enliven community moments. Also associated with street performers jesters and thespians.

For us, the “Sciarabballo” wants to mean a means of transporting people and things from other places, bringing something new and different, colorful, imaginative, dancing. SciaraBballo with its coming banishes, albeit briefly, the weariness and sacrifice of the day as well as the dullness and flatness of everyday life to refresh the spirits with the cheerful and carefree sounds of folk instruments and ballads of the company.

The history of the company is linked to the various activities for several years undertaken by Antonella Potenziani with the collaboration for the musical part of Giovanni Tribuzio operating in the field of music and folk dances with multiple groups and dance companies locally and nationally.

D.Kinzelman – tenor sax, clarinets, voice, A.Santimone – piano, J.Rehmer – bass, voice, S.Tamborrino – drums, voice


Scialaruga is an “open” project by FabIo Macagnino guest at the 2011 Roma Tarantella Festival that was born in Calabria’s Locride region in 2008. Also initially part of the project is guitarist Francesco Loccisano, who will make a key contribution with his beating guitar to the making of the two CDs.

In 2008 ScialaRuga in collaboration with the Scarfò brothers directed and composed the soundtrack for the film “Liberarsi. Children of a minor revolution,” directed by Salvatore Romano and released by Loading Production. The soundtrack is an opportunity for ScialaRuga to experiment and fine-tune a sound that straddles tradition and innovation.

In 2010 he began a collaboration with Vincenzo Oppedisano, who makes an essential contribution to the sound of ScialaRuga.

Fabio Macagnino, vocals and classical guitar Antonio Moscato, bass and double bass Vincenzo Oppedisano, electric guitar Raffaele Pizzonia, drums Martin Abel Cagnotti, guitars.


special guest Bungaro

It is not possible to speak of Calabrian tarantella except as a geographical denominator that fits into a widespread and jagged universe.

The myth of the taranta has generated here a music and a dance that in each village takes on precise and different connotations, manifests itself in a variety of versions and styles linked to a history of cultures, exchanges, and settlements that have acted in a diverse manner in each province, in each valley and in each village.

The differences between one area and another are reflected everywhere in an overall way on the structures of melody and rhythm and thus on the dance, the style of steps, their amplitude, figurations and speed. Mimmo Cavallaro makes himself a medium for the expression of this articulate musical language by expressing himself through ancient sounds, rhythms and instruments of the Calabrian tradition.
The Calabrian tarantella is thus projected into contemporary European ethnic music, yet without betraying its origins.

Special guest BUNGARO The Bungaro project takes its first steps around the 1980s. With RCA he recorded four albums, “Sulla Punta della Lingua,” “Cantare fa più bene,” “Ci perdiamo in tanti,” and “Tutto d’un Fiato.” Four prospectively different records where research and experimentation are the main features.

In 2004, “L’attesa,” an album/event, was finally released, where the clear signs of the great songwriting tradition are present. International and quality collaborations such as Youssou N’dour, Daniela Mercury and the great French director Patrice Leconte are proof of this. He has written and collaborated with Pino Romanelli,Vincenzo Cerami, Stefano di Battista, Antonella Ruggero, Ornella Vanoni, Gianni Morandi, Niky Nicolai, Syria, Eramo Passavanti, AishaCerami, Patrizia Laquidara, Grazia di Michele, Tosca, Manuela Zanier, Tinkara, Kay McCarthy, Daniela Mercuri, Fiorella Mannoia.

In 2010 she released her album entitled “Arte” with the participation of Fiorella Mannoia, Cuban musician Omar Sosa and Lucilla Galeazzi. The album includes “Il destino infortunato”, an unreleased lyrics by Sergio Endrigo and music by Bungaro. The activity of singer-songwriter and author for various Italian and foreign artists is accompanied by that of soundtrack author for films and short films, as well as that of artistic producer and organizer of composition workshops for young singers.

Mimmo Cavallaro, calabrian guitar, Calabrian lira, voice Cosimo Papandrea, organetto, calabria lira, voice Giovanna Scarfò, drum, dance, voice Andrea Simonetta, classical guitar, drum guitar, mandola, Gabriele Albanese choir, soprano sax, pipite, harmonic flute, ocarina, Carmelo Scarfó dance, electric bass Alfredo Verdini, frame drum, percussion.


He began his guitar studies at the age of nine. At ten he formed his first group with which he carried out an intense concert activity throughout southern Italy.

316/5.000 Characters Translate Following a research and composition activity with several musicians from the Calabria folk music scene (Quartaumentata, Mimmo Cavallaro, Arlesiana Chorus, Tarankhan) he approaches some of the traditional instruments (tamburello and beat guitar), with particular attention to beat guitar.

He thus begins a research work that allows him to make structural changes to the instrument, developing a personal style of composition.

In 2005 he joined the Taranta Power of Eugenio Bennato with whom he carried out an intense concert activity as a drummer guitarist and arranger.

In his concerts, original compositions for beat and classical guitar are performed in which a journey is undertaken through the artist’s musical and personal experience.


Mujura is the solo project of Stefano Simonetta, Calabrian musician and singer-songwriter.
The album was produced by Eugenio Bennato & Taranta Power and distributed by Luky Planets. The album marks a new path in the dimension of the composer and Italian folk.

Eleven tracks, which tell in text and music, in song form, a mixture of different worlds. There are elements borrowed from Calabria’s folk music, in the use of traditional instruments (battling guitar, drum), language (a Calabrian sought-after traits, but chosen with a careful research on the musical component and rhythm of its sound) and of rhythms, which coexist together with elements of contemporary folk rock music.

Fabio Macagnino, vocals and classical guitar Antonio Moscato, bass and double bass Vincenzo Oppedisano, electric guitar Raffaele Pizzonia, drums Martin Abel Cagnotti, guitars.

A strip of fertile land

26 – 30 JULY


François Corneloup trio

François Corneloup is a musician who has achieved great relevance, developing a continuous creative research.

In this formation in which his talent as a composer can manifest itself to the best, and in the company of two formidable musicians, he passes from the most poetic delicacy to the most devastating of the stubborn, without claiming the leadership in what is an authentic trio, giving life to an ambitious and intense, exciting music.

François Corneloup – baritone sax, Hélène Labarrière – bass, Simon Goubert – drums

piano solo, fisarmonica

Antonello Salis hosts in A strip of fertile earth the Sardin musician of impressive talent, each of his solo recitals is an adventure rich in exciting creativity.

During his long career he has earned several international awards: “Django d’or” 2005, Cagliari European Jazz 2008, Top Jazz 2008.


“Almond Tree”

For these three musicians the irony in music is important, the interaction, the search for atypical timbres, to have fun playing like in a game in which you want to involve the listener too.

The repertoire consists of both original songs and compositions by musicians of the African American avant-garde. Silvia Bolognesi won the 2010 Musica Jazz Top Jazz referendum as the best new talent.

Tony Cattano – trombone, Pasquale Mirra – vibrofoon, Silvia Bolognesi – bass


Who could have imagined that Christophe Monniot, a brilliant iconoclast, would have immersed himself in classical music! With the contribution of the formidable arc quartet “Arcanes” and with the help of his faithful collaborator Emil Spanyi, revive Vivaldi’s score “in the light of climate change”, offering a music that strikes for mastery, virtuosity and modernity.

Christophe Monniot – sax alto, sopranino, baritono, elettronica, Emil Spanyi – piano, tastiere, Eric Echampard – batteria, Michel Massot – euphonium, tuba, Vincent David – sax, Grégory Demarcy – sax, Erwan Fagant – sax, Damien Royannais – sax


piano solo

A bold improvisator with a distinct melodic sensitivity, Danilo Rea is one of the pianists who have most marked the jazz scene in Italy in recent decades.

To his career as a jazz pianist he accompanied considerable interventions with leading protagonists of Italian author music. In the last years of his activity he reached absolute maturity and perfection, so much that the long solo recitals at the piano became more and more frequent.

This year Danilo Rea won the Top Jazz referendum as best Italian pianist.


Winner of the “Jazz Migration” award – AFIJMA Sidony Box!
Subtitle: “Power Jazz Trio”! These young musicians (average age 23!) have founded their music on improvisation and energy, inspired by some bands from the new Minneapolis scene.

On the magnificently zigzagging compositions of guitarist Manuel Adnot, and with the pulse of an astonishing young drummer of talent, Arthur Nancy, saxophonist Elie Dalibert (big fan of Chris Potter) takes the flight with joyous insolence.

Elie Dalibert – sax, Manuel Adnot – guitar, Arthur Narcy – drums



A student of Frank Tortillet, Benjamin Flament is not only a composer and bandleader of extraordinary bands, but also the core of a very creative group of musicians (COAX), and an excellent vibrafonist!

His duo with Clément Janinet (student of Didier Lockwood) is an opportunity to listen to him best as a soloist, in a subtle, rich and very seductive conversation: authentic contemporary room jazz!

Benjamin Flament – vibrafono, Clément Janinet – violino


Paolo Damiani, awarded as best composer of the year by the 2010 Top Jazz referendum, runs an authentic laboratory composed of talented musicians, yet another testimony to Damian’s commitment in the field of teaching and the enhancement of new faces.

The repertoire consists of original songs by the Roman composer, some arranged by Arcelli and Masciari, a new way of interpreting and rethinking historical and unpublished themes.

Paolo Damiani – violoncello, music, Ludovica Manzo – voice, Cristiano Arcelli – sax, Francesco Lento – trumpet, Luigi Masciari – guitar, Alessandro Paternesi – drums


piano solo

Dado Moroni, born in Genoa, is a musician of very strong personality, with great international experience.

Equipped with particular musical sensitivity, technique, energy and creativity, it manages to fit brilliantly and with the utmost naturalness in the various musical contexts, expressing class and fantasy.

“Bossa Supernova”

Radiation 10 is one of the great ensemble that stands as a reference for the new generation of French jazz, in particular the one born within the jazz department of the Conservatory of Paris and that is modulated in different forms in the collective COAX. Exploring every street, animated by a genuine group spirit, Radiation 10 proposes an incredibly modern “jazz”.

Aymeric Avice – trumpet, Hugues Mayot – sax, clarinet, Fidel Fourneyron – trombone, tuba, Clément Janinet – violin, Clement Petit – cello, Benjamin Flament – vibrator, Bruno Ruder – fender rhodes, Julien Desprez – guitar, Joachim Florent – bass, Emmanuel Shoe – drums

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