Special Guest 2020 Live Music at Alexanderplatz Jazz Club, six dates with contemporary jazz produced by Saint Louis of Rome.

The Alexanderplatz Jazz Club presents six live concerts of contemporary jazz, featuring students from Saint Louis in Rome. These events offered spectators the opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse selection of sounds, characterized by the artistry of world-class artists and the vibrant energy of modern jazz.


The Concerts

December 18 (2019)

special guest Rosario Giuliani

Rosario Giuliani – alto sax, Antonio Ottaviano – alto sax, Lorenzo Caciotta – alto sax, Luciano, Ciaramella – tenor sax, Ivan Bernardini – tenor sax, Luca Padellaro – baritone sax, Milena Granci – piano, Claudio Faraci – bass, Andrea Ricucci – drums, Federico Balestra – drums

At Special Guest 2020 the Saint Louis Sax Ensemble special guest Rosario Giuliani, promising an unforgettable musical experience. With their artistry and passion, these talented musicians will deliver an exceptional concert, celebrating the power and beauty of sax and contemporary jazz.


8 January

special guest Luca Bulgarelli

Luca Bulgarelli – double bass, Emanuele Bono – piano, Daniel Ventura – sax, Alessandro Recanati – guitar, Alessandra D’Alessandro – drums

Jazz welcomes virtuoso bassist Luca Bulgarelli as a special guest. A unique experience that introduces young people to the world of jazz through fun and interactive rhythms. With his mastery and charisma, Bulgarelli adds a magical dimension, turning each song into an engaging musical adventure.

14 January

special guest Vincenzo Presta

Vincenzo Presta – sax, Emanuele Bono – piano, Santino Stinziani – guitar, Vittorio Pagano – bass, Diego Stinziani – drums

talented saxophonist and conductor Vincenzo Presta joins as a special guest. With his unique ability to transport listeners into imaginary worlds through evocative notes, Presta enriches this musical experience with his brilliance and passion for the art of jazz.


3 February

special guest Stefano Sabatini

Stefano Sabatini – piano, Giovanni Cretella – guitar, Danilo Albano – guitar, Claudio Impera – bass, Federico Balestra – drums

After Hours Jazz, accompanied by pianist Stefano Sabatini as a special guest. An intimate and engaging experience that transports listeners on a journey through the emotions of nocturnal jazz, enhanced by Sabatini’s skill and sensitivity on the piano.

3 March

Maurizio Giammarco
JOHN SCOFIELD tribute band

Maurizio Giammarco – sax, Edoardo Lupo – piano, Massimiliano Biondi – guitar, Christian Helminen Roni Sakari – bass, Vincenzo Protano – drums

Maurizio Giammarco leads the John Scofield Tribute Band in a tribute to the legendary guitarist. With skill and passion, Giammarco and his band masterfully recreate Scofield’s distinctive sound, transporting the audience on an exciting journey through the repertoire of the great master of contemporary jazz.

Maurizio giammarco

30 April

special guest Dario Giacovelli

Dario Giacovelli – bass, Olsson Herman Gautefall – piano, Raffaele Lombardo – guitar, Nicolò Madia – guitar, Sergio Mazzini – drums

The talented special guest Dario Giacovelli. With their fusion of contemporary rhythms and jazz influences, it creates an innovative and engaging musical experience. Giacovelli brings his virtuosity and creativity to the stage, enriching Nujazz’s unique sound with new nuances and vibrant energies.

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