At the window

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Bruno Erminero organ
Giacomo Anselmi guitar
Giulio Proietti drums

At the Window is the song that inspired the name ORGAN TRIBE, a musical trio whose style defies conventional labels, finding its essence in the fusion of genres.

The name itself, ORGAN TRIBE, does not confine the group to a single musical category, but on the contrary, reflects the diversity and experimentation that characterizes their music.

  • Explicit reference to the Hammond organ, a legendary instrument, reveals the trio’s distinctive sonic signature.
  • The Hammond organ is a key element that permeates their sound, adding depth and unique character to their compositions.

The choice of the name ORGAN TRIBE is thus a tribute to this iconic instrument and its indelible impact on the trio’s music.

Within the term “tribe” also lies a broader desire: to unite fans of instrumental music and, in particular, the so-called “organ style” in its most modern sense.

ORGAN TRIBE aims to create a bond among those who share a boundless love of music and who appreciate the continuing evolution of the instrumental genre.

In summary, ORGAN TRIBE is not just a name, but a statement of intent: a desire to create a musical movement that embraces diversity and celebrates the legacy of the Hammond organ, connecting fans into a unique sound tribe.


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