Ogni cosa accadrà certamente

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Over-the-top personality with a plot of madness that of Alessandro Orlando, who on the occasion of the release of his first album.

PRODUCTION: Danilo Cherni
EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION: Saint Louis Management
Recorded by Danilo Cherni at Cherni Studio.
Drums recording by Davide Prestanicola at Saint Louis Studio.
Percussions recording by Maurizio Albanese at Real Fat Studio.
Mixed by Mauro Laficara and Danilo Cherni at Saint Louis Studio.
Mastering by Mauro Laficara.
Artworks and graphics by Federica Delia Sveglia.
Back cover photo by Marcello Di Donato.

“Everything will certainly happen” I immediately tried to arrange two pieces that I chose from the demos I was given and then Orlando began to sing them.

The beginning was not the best because we disagreed on the choices of sounds, musical and rhythmic parts, and I was not convinced about the singing part.

Eventually, even a little discouraged, I tried tackling another piece and miraculously a spark was sparked: the song was “I drink (Cointreau),” and here we immediately agreed and a long creative period began that led to the final writing of the record.

  • Thanks to the collaboration of numerous friends (Maurizio Perfetto, Giovanni Di Caprio, Valentino Cervini, Fabio Pignatelli, Guglielmo Senatore, Dario Zema, Cristiana Polegri, Andrea Casali, Roberta Lombardini and Marta Cherni) we managed to package a record.

“Everything will certainly happen” I invite you all to listen to this work with curiosity, especially at a time in history when there seems to be no more wonder and diversity.

Danilo Cherni

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