For a brief moment

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Fabrizio Cucco bass,
Maurizio Giammarco sax,
Pierpaolo Principato piano,
Roberto Gatto drums

So, I started writing Fabrizio Cucco | For a brief moment and before long the work took shape.

I first called Maurizio Giammarco, with whom I had long before had the honor of working; then I called Roberto Gatto, whom I met in the corridors of the Saint Louis College of Music; finally, I called Pierpaolo Principato, my teacher and colleague, to whom I owe my love for improvisation and composition. So I had set up my project, and before long the work went from the rehearsal room to the recording studio.”

(Fabrizio Cucco)

For a Brief Moment was born at a difficult but also decisive time in my life, a time when I was questioning everything, including myself.

I first felt the need to compose music that would describe, albeit without words, the anxieties, fears but also the amazement of a moment when I saw myself changing, discovering things about myself that I did not yet know.

Cover notes edited by Vincenzo Martorella

Have you ever paid attention to how important they are? How can they direct our listening experiences?

According to some, it would be the very first sounds perceived that represent a small scale model of the entire composition, and guide us within the composer’s and musicians’ inspirational processes.

A few years ago, a beautiful book, titled precisely “The First Four Notes,” by Matthew Guarnieri, wondered about the incipit of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: those four sounds, so sharp and so significant, from which everything originates and develops.

But is it really possible to grasp the deep essence of a song, or a record, or a work, simply by hearing its first four notes, or just a fragment, a sonic slice?

  • Insomma: dalle prime quattro note al primo minuto di musica Fabrizio Cucco, alla testa di una vera e propria All-Star band (Maurizio Giammarco, Pierpaolo Principato e Roberto Gatto), la precisione armonica, il senso della misura, la capacità di sorprendere.

Finally, a note, even if they deserve whole books to the formidable travel companions.

If on Giammarco (increasingly exciting sound and phrasing) and Gatto (here as a pure accompanist, as only great drummers know how to be) it is now impossible to add anything, one more word for Pierpaolo Principato, a very refined pianist with a precious touch and unexpected ideas.


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