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Knowing how to read a part quickly is definitely an important element in the preparation of a professional, but a sufficient musical reading allows even the beginner to get better acquainted with the distribution of the notes on the guitar keyboard, to have greater confidence on the instrument and, therefore, to be able to learn to play his favorite song as soon as possible.

Listen to what Steve Lukather (TOTO guitarist and world-famous tourist) thinks about it:

“Learning to read music is always a good thing, it allows you to communicate more easily, it makes you faster, more confident of yourself in the case of a studio job or if you have to learn a riff, a structure maybe a bit complex – let’s say it accelerates the times in a work situation, you can follow a kind of musical map that helps you understand where you are while performing a piece, instead of having to learn it from memory or let someone else explain it.

In fin dei conti si tratta di un linguaggio universale ovunque tu vada”.

And again, Tommy German, probably the most recorded guitarist of all time, always in terms of reading, says:

“I just kept reading and reading; The more you read, the better you become.

In the first jobs I did, I was thrown out, I couldn’t read enough. After some time I was able to read all the parts; and I continued to improve.”

  • This method, therefore, is directed precisely to those who begin the study of melodic reading and, starting from very simple exercises
  • It allows, progressively, first to get acquainted with the pentagram and then to develop a good practice in reading. To facilitate the study, the exercises are accompanied, where necessary, by brief technical or theoretical instructions.

Obviously this is not a text of music theory so having already good notions of it helps a lot in the study.
Even more will help a minimum of experience of solfing, but if you are lacking it you can very well take advantage of this same book to acquire it.

Antonio Affrunti
docente del Saint Louis College of Music

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