Italian Rock Musical | 68

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Artistic Direction
Maria Grazia Fontana
Giulio Costa
Orazio Caiti
Davide Orlandi Dormino
Franco Ventura and Attilio Fontana
Laura Distefano

A Musical by Maria Grazia Fontana, Attilio Fontana, Franco Ventura, Michela Andreozzi, Giulio Costa.

Not a fact or an event, but a complicated web of men, women and ideas, of aspirations and desires, of expectations and disappointments: this is sixty-eight, a year full of contradictions.

  • Italian Rock Musical and ’68 is also a musical show, which does not pretend to recount what happened in that year but rather to go through, in a continuous and choral flow.

Italian Rock Musical 68 is not presented as a single linear path, but as a web of paths: of conformity, of diversity, of dialogue, of loneliness, of misunderstanding, of revolution.

Musical paths, which unravel in several directions, and bring into the “public square,” out of private spheres, the rejection of the values of the fathers, the imagination of the young and the hopes for a better future.

History and the musical world

Music is the great protagonist of ’68; in particular, absolutely distinct new genres from different parts of the world converged in our country for the first time.

Looking at the top ten at the time, it is easy to see the Rolling Stones next to Geghegé, the Beatles next to Gianni Morandi, the Doors next to Zum Zum.

A boy like many, with confused ideas, undecided whether to join the homogenizing logic of the world around him or to find his own way.

In the face of emotions, with the electric guitar the only companion on a symbolic journey from life to death.


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