It’s strictly forbidden

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It’s strictly forbidden there is a large part of me, of who I am, but in this project, there are parts of my way of being, of the places and people I hang out with from whom I often and willingly take my cues and because of them grow in me a passion for music and the jazz spirit.

Engaging me and teaching me a lot was Tony Formichella, a guest on this CD who with years of experience retains the strong, tough spirit of jazz past.

They were composed in a fluid way, not easy at times, but perfected with rehearsal work together with the group.

What makes the record original is the variety of genres, from the more refined jazz of the 50s-60s to the more contaminated jazz of recent years, and the various environments that help underscore what is the message we hope will come through.

  • Listen carefully, but get fully involved with the passion for music and jazz in every single note of the songs.

Gianluca Figliola | It’s strictly forbidden the saxophone, is featured on the title track of the album “It’s strictly forbidden,” a composition dedicated to him. What my group and I expect from the release of this record is to be able to excite those who will listen to it and to be able to get the word out about our work.

The credit goes mainly to the guys with whom I perfected the pieces during the early, sometimes difficult stages. We completed the project with initial difficulties, but then vanished thanks to the music that often seemed to come out of itself and solve problems that seemed insurmountable.

A final thank you goes to those who gave me the opportunity to materialize and record what had been in my head for some time.



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