Light dawn

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Simone Maggio, Light Dawn is my first record produced by Stefano Mastruzzi, director of the Saint Louis College of Music, school where I graduated and where I now teach….
In fact, it was Stefano who proposed to record a record….with my huge surprise! At that time, I was 22 years old and I had not taken composition seriously, I practiced mostly music from others like all jazz students and I played a lot in projects from other musicians.

When I was proposed Light dawn, I had two choices: to stay in the land of the “known” by following already traced paths and then recline the offer…or, immediately accept this challenge and face…me…

  • I chose the second and for me it was the beginning of… research, in music and not only… I discovered in myself a passion for composition and for European jazz and I began to grow my personality and to cultivate it along with my intention.

I, Flavio and Rosario, my travel companions of the time, worked hard for a year and finally in the summer of 2003 recorded the album….with a special guest; In fact, we had the honour of participating Javier Girotto in three of the 10 tracks of the album….

Simone Maggio

After achieving artistic maturity, he moved to Rome to continue his musical studies, studying jazz and improvisation and composition.

He won two scholarships at the Saint Louis College of Music and graduated with the highest score, examined by a committee chaired by Enrico Pieranunzi, with whom he continued to study for a period.

Attends the seminars of Siena Jazz, deepening the approach to playing in trio with Stefano Battaglia, Paolino dalla Porta and Fabrizio Sferra; He also attends seminars with Italian and international musicians such as Jonh Taylor, Paul Motian, Jack De Jonhette, Marc Jonhson, Enrico Rava, etc.

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