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Under the care of Adriano Mazzoletti, he has always accompanied us to discover the world of jazz, with his radio programmes, his television stories, his record productions, his books.

With an extraordinary enthusiasm and narrative simplicity, characteristic of those who have personally lived and shared the story.

The Italy of jazz by Adriano Mazzoletti

It opens the doors to a formidable world, tracing the birth and development of Italian jazz and its protagonists with extraordinary images, many unprecedented.

  • And here the be bop, the swing, the tradition and the avant-garde, the great orchestras, the crooner and the trumpets appear to us as familiar characters of a fairy tale of other times.
  • The first adventurers of jazz, faces and names unknown or forgotten, like many relentless characters of the Italian Risorgimento, real pioneers of a new musical frontier, come back to life.

Italian jazz owes him the merit of not observing it passively, but of having lived it. And now we have the evidence, all photographic.

The Italian faces of Jazz by Adriano Mazzoletti

The Italy of jazz, this photo album tells by images what I tried to describe in the books. From the origins to the great orchestras.

Book, which aims to provide a key reading of the beginnings of “American” and subsequent jazz music in Italy before, during and after fascism, through two wars and two post-war.

  • While La Rocca had the opportunity to witness the birth of this music, her son Dominick, made an irreplaceable contribution to that event.
  • Like Alessandra and the other migrants who arrived in New Orleans from Sicily and other southern regions. The musicians who made American music known in our country were others.
  • Those whose photos, in part unpublished or little known, are collected in the section dedicated to the Origins. With the Pioneers begins the journey through the Italian history of jazz.
  • Three hundred photos of musicians, jazz-bands, orchestras, soloists, some forgotten, some little known, others still known and famous. However, all are protagonists of a story that is “told” for the first time through images.
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