Ma che ci fanno le foglie negli armadi?

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Ma che ci fanno le foglie negli armadi?
National Jazz Young Talent Orchestra
The ONJGT National Young Jazz Talent Orchestra is composed of 26 musicians selected through competition. Auditions were held at the Siena Jazz Foundation; candidates had previously been selected by the Conservatories of Music.

The orchestra then rehearsed at the Teatro Puccini in Florence, developing a repertoire of original pieces specially composed by some of Italy’s leading composers. In this project, youth training becomes the condition for artistic production and research.

  • By now excellent musicians study in the Jazz Departments of the Conservatories, often already engaged in concert activity the ONJGT is a dream with distant origins, a bright present and a future to imagine together.

There are too many friends I would like to thank, I will only name Puccini Director Guelf i, without whom the dream would have remained so.

Paolo Damiani

They say about us.

The National Jazz Young Talent Orchestra s’ fits right into the new cultural palimpsest of Italian and European music. And while on the surface the atypical group might seem like one of the many good orchestras scattered throughout the territory it is in its composition as well as in its genesis that one glimpses an originality aimed at representing the fertile Italian musical reality.

To call itself the National Orchestra is to be able to concentrate within it the story of a long and varied country that, especially in art, expresses itself with a great richness that has few equals in the world.

It is here born But what are the leaves doing in the closets? and lies the value of this young group composed of as many young artists.

It is not so much the geographical origin that tells the character of the broad formation as the addition of each person’s creative thoughts.

A testament to the ambitions and dreams of those traveling on the tracks of courageous creativity well guided by their Director and accompanied by the hand by a representative group of composers and arrangers who are also strictly Italian.

Paolo Fresu

What you will find here, on this CD, is fresh jazz. Ma che ci fanno le foglie negli armadi? Composed to be music now.

Composed for a young orchestra that just found itself where it dreamed of being: on the stages of the most prestigious festivals of our time. She was born in Florence, she was born in a Theater.

It is the result of resourcefulness. She was born at the Puccini Theater. It is the consequence of the talent and generosity of Master Paolo Damiani. Cool jazz for evenings of some importance. Good listening.

Guelfo Guelfi
President of the Puccini Theater in Florence

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