Marco Rinalduzzi 90+1

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Double CD

Marco Rinalduzzi can boast a circle of “friends” illustrious in the musical landscape, among which stand out prominent names such as Mike Francis, Amii Stewart, Derek Wilson, Antonello Venditti, Alex Baroni, GeGè Telesforo, Nick The Nightfly, Danilo Rea, Rita Marcotulli, Stefano Di Battista, Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti, Luca Jurman, Beppe Vessicchio, e altri che saranno menzionati a breve.

Marco Rinalduzzi si distingue come un “ARTISTA PURO”, appartenente alla “vecchia guardia”, caratterizzato da una fedeltà intransigente alla musica e all’arte.

  • His artistic philosophy is based on uncompromising dedication to intangible values such as passion, attitude, discipline and professionalism.
  • In a world where many barter their art with compromise and convention, Rinalduzzi stands as an example of artistic integrity, rejecting any compromise and remaining true to his authentic vision of music.
  • His connection with high-caliber artists reflects the mutual respect and esteem the music community has for him.

Marco Rinalduzzi embodies a pure love of music, an element that permeates his every creation and is reflected in his unwavering commitment to cultivating an art that is uncompromising and rich in authenticity.


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