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  • Thanks to a collaboration with Saint Louis College of Music, the entire proceeds from the sale of the last copies of the Matteo Cappella | Metropolia album will be donated to the Italian NGO AISM section of Rome.
  • AISM is involved in promoting and funding scientific research, providing social and health services, and assisting in representing the rights of people affected by the disease.

Promoter of the initiative is Matteo Cappella, the singer-songwriter whose “context album” made people talk about him, setting the form of the “concept” to the different soundscapes he lives in, from the metropolis to the Apennine province.

  • Metropolia is a “Context Album,” a walk through the streets of a new city, mapping 8 neighborhoods of the metropolitan spirit.
  • Matteo Cappella sets his songs in the different soundscapes he experiences, a music between the Apennines and the city. When he discovered the guitar, he began playing and writing music and lyrics.

From Bellegra, the town where he grew up, around 2011 he moved to Rome, coming into contact with the different musical realities of the capital.

He collaborates with various singer-songwriters and instrumentalists between Lazio, Campania, Abruzzo and Sardinia pursuing research ranging from local culture to world music.

Pervaded by travel, meetings and studies in Italy and abroad, the singer-songwriter composes his songs by setting the concept form to the different soundscapes he experiences.

Thus was born his first “Context Album,” Metropolia.

Immerse yourself in an even more exciting musical journey with “For a brief moment


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