Nota di basso

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Enzo Pietropaoli | Bass note performed by the musician completely in solitude with the help of a loop machine, which complements and gives depth to the already valuable double bass timbre, complicit with the overlapping of speech that gives greater meaning, sense and voice to the playing, this disc contains a cross-cutting repertoire.

A new journey has begun, I set out alone, but ready for new encounters.

Bass note, a perfect repertoire for an artist like Pietropaoli who has always made eclecticism his stylistic hallmark, and he sways from original pieces with classical roots to very famous jazz standards, from Italian music of the 1960s to reinterpretations of the Beatles, Brahms and Jimi Hendrix, all interpreted with a language that remains, however, that of jazz and improvisation.

  • The disc opens with two original pieces by the Genoese author “Prelude in D,” a minimalist and contemporary composition that proceeds by very charming micro – variations, and “Cb Minor Blues,” a rough track under the banner of the most classic blues-jazz, enriched by an overdubbed second bowed bass line and the looped voice of its author.

This is followed by a splendid and distinctive version of the French song “Autumn Leaves” and “Breath,” a song that takes on lyricism and mysticism to the point of sounding like it was recorded in a church.

Other noteworthy tracks include “Little Wing,” played in a gritty, rough-edged manner that makes the listener rediscover that jazz-rock ante litteram latent in Hendrix’s “Mother Nature’s Son,” a famous Beatles song that, enriched by “natural sounds” a swaddling, rustling atmosphere.


To be honest, I’m not bad at all on my own, on the contrary….
But I am not alone; one is never alone in the face of music.
In every note is a little bit of my life, its lights its darkness and every different nuance.

And above all else love, and a new beautiful realization: it is not music that serves us to achieve other, often ephemeral goals, music is the goal, we musicians are a vehicle to achieve it, we have a privilege, if we pursue it honestly music rewards us, every day, concretely and profoundly.
A new journey has begun, I set out alone, but ready for new encounters.

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