Polyphonic improvisation for guitar

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Enter the world of polyphonic improvisation for guitar with the revolutionary treatise of Dario Lapenna, a gem in the global teaching of guitar.

This book offers an in-depth exploration of subjects often neglected in the context of improvisation, such as the two or three-voice counterpoint, the albertino bass, the melody accompanied by broken chords and the study of parallel harmony, the harmonic melody, the counterpointing melody and the innovative use of vacuum strings.

Polyphonic improvisation for guitar, Dario Lapenna‘s manual on guitar improvement represents a bold attempt to combine the techniques of the classical guitar tradition with the expressiveness of jazz improvement.

  • It provides a series of mechanisms and examples that will guide the student in the growth of his/her harmonic ear and in the mastery of advanced polyphonic techniques.
  • This learning experience will not only enrich your guitar practice, but will open up new perspectives on what our beloved string instrument can offer.
  • Discover the art of improvisation through the savoir-faire of Dario Lapenna, and immerse yourself in a journey that turns your guitar into a vibrant expression instrument.

Experience the unlimited potential of your musical creativity as you discover new horizons in guitar improvisation.

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