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Sisyphonic pushing jazz beyond its boundaries!

A collaboration between four young musicians and composers from three different countries: Poland, Denmark and Germany. The musical influences of the three countries come together to create a Jazzpocalypse!

“Sisyphonic is the bold result of an extraordinary collaboration between four young musical talents from Poland, Denmark and Germany.

  • These visionary musicians and composers have joined forces, pushing jazz beyond its conventional boundaries and creating a unique sonic experience.
  • The diversity of musical influences from the three countries merge into a creative vortex that transforms the stage into an epic Jazzpocalypse.
  • Polish roots, Danish sophistication, and German precision blend in irresistible harmony, resulting in an innovative and engaging soundscape.

In every note, the spirit of Sisyphus, the mythical Greek character doomed to eternally accomplish his endless endeavor, can be felt. Sisyphonic enthusiastically embraces this destiny, pushing jazz to new heights and challenging musical conventions.

This transcendental project embodies creative perseverance, proving that music can overcome any obstacle and reach unimaginable heights when fueled by passion and cultural diversity. Sisyphonic is more than a musical project; it is a sonic odyssey that redefines the very concept of jazz.”

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