Tempi provvisori

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Jojo Quartet in 2005 and 2006 qualified for the first place in the Baronissi Jazz and Antiphone Jazz competitions.
It was born in spring 2003 from the meeting of four musicians who, in addition to their individual training experiences, attended the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome where their collaboration was born.

JuJu quartet | Tempi provvisori the quartet in 2002 won the scholarship for the seminars of Siena Jazz and in 2003, they won the Palazzo Valentini award thanks to which it recorded the album ” TEMPI PROVVISORI ” published by the Jazz Collection.

  • The name of the group is inspired by a well-known song by the famous saxophonist Wayne Shorter, contained in the 1964 album of the same name.

JuJu quartet | Tempi provisiori the quartet offers live a almost exclusively original repertoire, hardbop in form but absolutely contemporary in content, with a particular focus on the “compositive” line.

After an intense winter activity in the clubs of the capital the group is in 2004 winner of the contest “Premio Palazzo Valentini” in the context of the jazz festival at Villa Celimontana – Jazz& Image.

In the following season they play regularly in Roman venues such as Classico Village, Alexander Platz, Bebop and Felt and many others at the national level, sometimes using the valuable collaboration of the singer Marta Capponi with whom they have a repertoire and a project in common. He also won Baronissi Jazz 2005 and Martina Franca 2005.


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