The groove control

Drums, Educational Book, Groove Control
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di Davide Piscopo

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Immerse yourself in a unique journey with “The Groove Control”, where the central part of this book offers a variety of in-depth studies on the coordination, independence and control of the groove.

These elements are the beating heart of the battery, and the title itself of the book captures its essence. In addition to enhancing your ability to keep time, many of the proposed exercises can be adapted as fills, further enriching your performance.

In recent years, the battery has undergone an extraordinary technical innovation, but it is crucial not to lose sight of the true essence of the drummer: guide time with an unmistakable control of the groove.

The structure of the lessons follows an organized and progressive approach, but flexibility is our mantra.

  • The manual by Davide Biscopo gives you the freedom to customize your learning path.
  • Study it according to your current preparation or the goals you want to.

Through this comprehensive and engaging guide, you will have at your disposal the tools to reach new peaks in your musical experience and improve your ability to control the groove. Get in the rhythm and discover a world of possibilities with “The Groove Control”.

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