Three Years Three Days

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The original music project “Atome Primitif | Three Years Three Days” saw the light of day in 2007 thanks to the shared passion of three young musicians, Azzurra, Clelia and Giacomo, all of whom share a love for refined sounds and electronics.

Azzurra Giorgi : voice
Clelia Patrono : guitars, programming
Giacomo Ferrera: bass
Claudio Cicchetti : drums

The songs produced are the result of close collaboration, where Clelia handles the guitars and electronic atmospheres, Giacomo’s bass lines outline the emotions, and Azzurra’s subtle and refined voice completes the sonic magic.

  • The live debut of “Atome Primitif | Three Years Three Days” took place in March 2008, enriched by the participation of drummer Claudio Cicchetti, who would later become a permanent member of the band.
  • Cicchetti’s presence has helped further shape the group’s sound, adding a vibrant and dynamic rhythmic component to live performances.
  • The combination of the different skills and sensibilities of the group members is clearly reflected in the complexity and originality of their music.

“Atome Primitif | Three Years Three Days” represents an example of a successful artistic collaboration in which each member brings his or her own unique contribution to create a compelling and fulfilling musical experience for the audience.

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