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TRITHONIA took up jazz limprovisation, the creative energy that profoundly marked the season of avant-garde jazz and then incorporated these inspirations into the language of pop and rock.

CAMILLO PACE – double bass

  • Viaggio – The music trio Trithonia has brought back the art of jazz improvisation, rediscovering the creative energy that deeply characterized the era of avant-garde jazz.
  • This eclectic group skillfully merged the roots of jazz with the expressive language of pop and rock, creating a unique and stimulating connubio.
  • Defining itself as a staggering and surprising jazz trio, Trithonia stands out for its versatility and its cross-cutting approach to musical genres.

During their live performances, the trio is not limited to their original compositions, but also adventures in performing songs from the repertoires of iconic artists such as Nirvana, Coldplay, Police, Radiohead and the Beatles.

Viaggio. The ability of Trithonia to reinterpret in jazz key the successes of pop and rock artists highlights their boldness and mastery in exploring new musical territories.

This fusion of different musical styles adds a unique dimension to their performances, attracting a diverse and passionate audience.

In conclusion, Trithonia represents an exceptional expression of creativity and innovation in the contemporary musical landscape, demonstrating that the experimentation and the fusion of genres can lead to extraordinary results and appreciated by a wide audience.

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