Winds in tunes

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Simone Maggio | Winds in tunes the twelve tracks are mostly united by an icy, nocturnal mood but present beautiful moments marked by the sonic interweavings of the two fine performers who, with heated lyricism, paint highly poetic moments of great quality.

Winds in Tunes is an original project in which composition and improvisation come together. It was born out of the friendship of two artists, Simone Maggio and Emanuele Melisurgo, and a common intent aimed at the search for a sound in tune with the human essence, an authentic sound.

“Let’s say that the main ingredient of this project is friendship. We met and a sincere exchange of ideas and experiences was born, which over time evolved into what is now the “Winds in Tunes” project.

Actually we, without knowing it, were able to wait for the music to come on its own, we felt that one day it would happen, and so it did, and we consider ourselves lucky for that.

Before arriving and deciding to record the record, we shared a lot of experiences, human and musical: there were concerts, theatrical performances, and even long periods of “silence”… cultivating an attunement that has always been there.

We are trying…”
Simone Maggio


However, the musical journey is always kept under control and at the same time participated in. They alternate between reflective delicacy but also rhythmic dynamism and also clean sound and thought.

Melisurgo’s saxophones intervene on these scenarios, which while often evoking distant recalls, know how to maintain a good dose of originality and personality, giving moments that are now pressing, now relaxed in very linear phrasing.

The sounds well defined and in a contrasting interplay with the pressing of the piano.

  • Simone Maggio, on the other hand, brings all his piano expertise to bear, exhibiting a predominantly calibrated and academic touch, but in his improvisational verve, dynamic phrasing and certain more percussive phases he also shows familiarity with the spirit of the blues and the language of jazz.

The chemistry between the two musicians is perfect. The instruments always search and find each other wonderfully, intertwining, brushing against each other, diving into dances now very sweet now scratchy, climbing into unexplored territories with bold harmonies.

The end result is undoubtedly very interesting, well-structured and made with meticulous care and attention to the smallest details.


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